Seeking Ideas for Neighborhood Ladies Get Together at My House

Updated on December 08, 2007
A.N. asks from Roanoke, TX
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i am having some of my neighbors over for a fun evening - mostly to relax and visit - and just needed some ideas. I thought everyone could bring unfinished Christmas crads or gifts to work on. Or knitting/crochet. Just thought I should have something to do besides just sit and talk! :)
Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for all of your wonderful ideas! I appreciate the time you took to give them.
The evening went very well. There were a couple ladies that really just needed a break and wanted to relax so they sat and chatted. Then there were a couple of them that brought a project to work on so they did that. And we all visited. It was a very nice evening. O - they each brought a treat to eat and the recipe for it. We shared family Christmas traditions, too. Anyway, everyone thinks we should make it happen again so I guess they all had a good evening.
Thanks again.

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answers from Dallas on

How about a cookie exchange. Or cookie decorating party? You could have everyone bring a batch of undecorated sugar cookies or gingerbread, and some decorating items. Then mix and match.

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answers from College Station on

What is wrong with sitting down with a good cup of tea or coffee. Maybe a few cookies, but not too much, because it is the holidays and everyone is fighting the overeating temptation. A game board may work, but the idea was to relax. Everyone, even you. Maybe you could have an excerpt from a favorite book to share (Chrismas stories, poetry, scripture) that helps spark conversation along.
For some, talking and sharing is work enough.

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answers from Houston on

You should have everyone bring a plain ornament (you can get them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc...), get some paint and have everyone decorate their own Christmas ornaments. You can then either keep your own at the end of the night or have an "ornament exchange". You can do this by everyone picking one they like or maybe even draw them out of a box (or bucket, etc..) for a nice surprise. It will be fun, something to keep you occupied and everyone leaves with a nice new, custom made ornament for their tree! Have fun whatever you decide!!!


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answers from San Antonio on

Our church ladies group has done several things that you might like...we exchanged our favorite book or magazine (used), a purse that we bought that didn't work out for us, a piece of jewlery, our best kept secrets (cleaning product,make up idea, recipe etc), we had an ornament party where you have to answer a question correctly and then it is your turn to go under the christmas tree and pick a wrapped ornament, it gets fun when you add the option to (steal/trade) your pick with someone who has picked one that you want! You can also have one where you share your favorite bible scripture or share a story about something amazing god has done for you (lately/or anytime in your life! ) have a great party! (hey can i come??) just kidding!

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answers from Houston on

oooh i know... a lil pampering party from mary kay! it's super fun and great girl time! lemme know if you'd like more info! oh and cookies help any party. don't worry about planning too much if you're over extended! just have fun!



answers from Dallas on

ornament decorating would be fun. you can buy clear balls and mix paint in them or paint on the outside. it's fun and it would be something nice to show the grandkids one day.



answers from Houston on

A., what a great idea! If you want to have a relaxing evening to just have a girls night, why don't you consider a jewelry party? I am actually a Rep for Silpada Designs Jewelry and these are the types of parties we have. A fun girls night out playing dress up with Jewelry. NO presentations....just fun. It would be a fun addition to your party. If you were not looking for ideas like this, you could also do a grab bag...ornament exchange or something to that effect. Just a thought. Anyway, you can visit my website at and let me know if you are interested. It is not like any other party you have ever had! :) Happy Holidays! Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

What about a good old fashioned game night? Things like Taboo, Pictionary, etc are always hits.



answers from San Diego on

Hi A.,

You could also have a jewelry party! They are tons of fun and a great way to bring you and your neighbors together for a night. You can incorporate other below ideas into the evening as well.

Send me a message if you'd like more info!




answers from Abilene on

Have you considered arranging a simple craft project you could all do? That's always fun and it's nice to do it together in case somebody needs help doing a particular part of it. Perhaps start a simple scrapbook project. My mom made a small scrapbook about the week my son stayed with her and it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just pictures, wording, and maybe some stickers. It might even be good for future get togethers. I know I would enjoy it and having a group doing it offers the oportunity for lots of creative ideas.

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