Seeking Ideas for Keeping 3 Year Old in Arm Cast Entertained

Updated on October 30, 2008
B.B. asks from Austin, TX
10 answers

Our 3 1/2 year old broke his arm near the elbow and is in a full arm cast. The pediatric orthopedist gave us a list of things our son cannot do while in the cast for safety (so he doesn't break his arm again above the cast and need to have surgery). The list includes no running, no sports, no activities where both feet are off the ground (bicycling, play structure etc.).

I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and has suggestions for entertaining a highly energetic preschooler who's not a good listener (I'm guessing this describes most 3 year olds).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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answers from San Antonio on

You might want to consider keeping him home from daycare. There is a 4 year old with a broken arm at my son's daycare & he wants to run & climb with the boys but he is stuck at the picnic table & play house where all the girls tend to play. It's like he's in time out all day because he can't do what he sees the other kids doing.

Rent some movies & park him in front of the TV. Sometimes TV can be a good thing.

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answers from Austin on

Get one of those marble towers you build, then roll marbles down the tubes. You'll have to build the tower for him - he rolls the marbles.

Reading books/looking at books.

Same as marble tower, but with those little cars.


Since he is used to daycare, put him on a schedule. So much time with marbles. So much time with cars. So much time with books. So much time with a video. So much time with snack. Keep it similar every day so he gets used to the routine. Kids like routine. But make a change now and then for variety.

I pray for quick healing!




answers from Houston on

I would be very weary of daycare. Kids can be cruel and mean and in my experience daycares don't do the best job watching after kids.

I was a child who had lots of accidents. I spent months recovering from 3rd degree burns and months in a body cast from breaking both legs.

Some of the things I did as I also couldn't go out run, play, etc.... I did lots of activity books, coloring, blocks, learning games (at that time it was speak and say- okay giving away my age). 3 is a great age as they are so wanting to have all of your attention and so willing to learn. Make cookies together and let them shape them and help you more. Finger painting, playdoough and all the fun stuff moms normally try to keep away from the kids well now is the time to enjoy it.

It is getting to be Thanksgiving and Christmas let him help you make decorations or cards or whatever.

Hope this helps some



answers from McAllen on

Hi B., my 3 year old also broke her elbow this past summer, she had to have surgery twice. So I know its crazy because the cast looks so heavy. What I realized is that there is nothing they cant do except of cause gettting it wet. She did everything she wanted to do. Bath time was hard, I arranged a bunch of playdates her friends were really sensitive to her needs. So I wish your son a speedy recovery. It all works out in the end. I went crazy at first trying to meet all her high energy needs. but I just rolled with it and the 9 weeks in a cast went by quickly.
Hope I eased your mind



answers from Houston on

Hi B.-

I'm so sorry to hear about your little guy's arm. While I haven't gone through this myself, here's my advice for what it's worth. First of all, I would keep him in daycare. The structure and time with his friends will help ease the boredom that he will feel at home if he's unable to run around and play and you are busy with his little sister.

As far as things to do with him when he's at home with you, here are a few ideas (I wasn't sure if it was his writing hand or not, so some of these might not be possible):
-coloring books
-scavenger hunts
-nature walks
-sidewalk chalk
-board games like chutes and ladders, hi-ho cherry-o, candyland, Sequence for Kids (MY KIDS LOVE THAT ONE!)
-Find things around the house that start with the letters of the alphabet
-Counting games
-Find things that are different shapes around the house
-I Spy
-Bake cookies together
-Read books
-Horseshoes (you can buy an inexpensive plastic set for kids)
-build a fort out of blankets
-hide and seek

Good Luck!



answers from Killeen on

HI B.,,
sounds to me like all is fine ,,leave him in his day-care ,,when's home get him some playdo ,,they usaally enjoy that and maybe a new big truck like a dump truck ,,coloring books ,,that should kept him happy for a while he can put his littler truckers in there or dirt outside
good luck L.



answers from San Angelo on

I say keep him in the daycare where he can get a little of his energy out. When he is home and bored, I think he is old enough to explore the internet with you...there are some great sites. is awesome, my son loves the games. I run the mouse and he watches intently and tells me where to click. Also check out



answers from Houston on

I know it sounds like a lot of money, but what about the Smart Cycle video games, he can't really fall of a stationary bike sitting in front of the tv. You can take long walks "nature walks".
I don't know, it sounds like he's going to be bored for a few months.



answers from Houston on

Check your library for reading times. Art projects. Helping mom make cookies or helping stir.

Hope this helps. Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

I think keeping him in day care is a good thing. He is use to routine and he knows he can't get away with things like he sometimes can at home. I think it would be too hard to take care of a new baby and constantly telling him to stop running, climbing and etc. Good luck! I'm not sure if you are having a hard time keeping the cast dry during bath time but my friend would use press and seal (like saran wrap) during bath time because it would stick and not move.

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