Seeking Ideas for Games, Crafts and Activities for Kids 10 and Younger

Updated on March 10, 2008
R.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I am hosting an open house style event next week geared towards kids under 10, anywhere from babies on up. We have lots of treats and prizes, but would like to have a couple little fun activities. We have limited space so nothing involving running around or anything like that. Maybe some easy crafts or tabletop games without small pieces??? I have been trying to think of possible carnival type activities but am coming up dry. Also, does anyone know of a good website to download activity sheets like mazes, word finds, coloring pages, etc? If anyone have any ideas for me, I would love the help. Thanks!

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A really great website that Disney has is
They have lots of great craft ideas that work for a variety of ages. There are also food and party ideas.



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A fun game that my children enjoy is Hullaballoo by Crainium. It doesn't take much room, is active, requires listening to instructions and the children have a great time.

Maybe a craft such as making picture frames out of foam from the craft store, coloring pages, Shrinky-Dinks, card games like Go Fish, Sesame Street Uno, etc.

Hope this gives you a couple of ideas. Have fun!



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I have children at my home from ages 15 months to 12 years (ranging from 15 months, 4 years old, 5, 8, and 12). Somethings we do for family get togethers depend on the time of year. Wintery day or too cold outside:1.bowling in the hallway with a kick ball and dixie cups), 2.Finger Painting in the kitchen or garage with vanilla pudding with koolaid or food coloring added (little ones can do it then too without worry of eating paint),3.baking sugar cookies is a big hit. I premake the doh/cutouts and then they do the decorating. Hint on that one is to give each kid a cookie sheet and then the sprinkles sort of stay in one spot.4.Games in the house: a.Hungry hippos is always a big hit, b.there is a Pet shop one that isn't too hard, c.And Hullabaloo even gets the big kids dancing around a bit. d. Cariboo is another sort of same game that gets lots of laughs. 5. In the Summer: Outside we do balloon and squirt gun fights all the time. All ages get different types of balloons etc.

Well hope that helps, feel free to email if you want some other tips. thanks! [email protected]



answers from Minneapolis on or has a lot of activity ideas, printable activities etc. A bean bag toss might be a fun game using a big cardboard box with either an animal face or clown face painted on the front. Sounds like a fun event.



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I've always found stuff from Family Fun magazine and their website. I would also just try a google search on kid's activities.

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