Seeking Ideas for a Party for 2 Girls 2 Yrs Apart Born on the Same Day

Updated on June 30, 2012
L.Y. asks from Valley Center, KS
7 answers

i have a 10 yr old and an 8 yr old born on the same day. the past few yrs have been no big deal doing their party togather now my 8 yr old still wants princess and my 10 yr old doesnt cant do seperate parties so close togather toooo much money any ideas

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answers from Los Angeles on

I think you can find a way to combine the themes. Send princess invitations to your 8 year old's friends and whatever theme the older one chooses to her friends. If you can get them to agree on a color scheme, you can do a lot of solid color paper goods, instead of themed ones. You can even let them each choose one color, if they go together, and have some of each. What does your older one want? Are you doing the party at home or at a venue?

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answers from Kansas City on

Well, it's hard, but at the same time could be easy. At least it's two girls and only two years apart. Why don't you come up with two options and tell them they have to decide on one together? If you give them more than that it'll make it harder. You mentioned what the 8 yr old wants but not the 10 yr old. Has the 8 yr old had a Princess party in the past? If so, you could say, "You know you've already done that one, lets do something different".
How about a pool party? Do you live where theres a pool or know someone? Depending on how many make some sandwiches, chips, a drink and cake or cupcakes. Your goodie bags could be some swim things from the Dollar Store, ect. sunglasses, flipflops, & toys. And regarless what you do, make a limit, 2 or however many each. I would suggest an even number so no one is left out. How about a spa party? Paint their nails and some light fun makeup and serve lunch on some fun plates. It really depends on how many. I would initially think for two things and explain it has to be small because of money and/or a last option one friend each and go out for a movie and lunch. If you explain the situation they'll get it and give them a choice. I'm sure they'll come together, it's better than nothing, right? Good Luck!



answers from New York on

Sure, have a backyard party. Set up lots of games. Do a craft. You can have some princess themed things like a few balloons, or prizes for the games for the younger one.

Buy a variety of party type hats. Let's the kids choose which one they want to wear.

IMO themed type parties are overdone and cost to much. What's wrong with something simple like letting each choose a color and doing the decorations/cake in those colors.



answers from Washington DC on

My friend's sons are in the same boat.

Things she has done include: Each kid has their own "half" of the party with their own decorations, cake, etc. Each kid gets his own 2 hour block with his party and friends. One kid gets a party and one gets a sleepover with a few very close friends instead. Etc. I'd sit down with the girls and brainstorm. The parameters are x - (same day, budget, guest list limited to x) and then work with them on what can be done. You didn't say what your 10 yr old wants but I see no reason the 8 yr old can't do princess and the 10 yr old have her own thing. Can you do up a different room for each? Maybe the dining room for one and the living room or kitchen for the other and they both get balloons out front? I would also look for some shared activities (like maybe bashing a pinata) but allow the different ages to have different activities. Maybe while the 8 yr olds decorate cupcakes the 10 yr olds can do their nails.



answers from Kansas City on

Hmmm, this is hard. I like the idea of having two separate rooms, but that is a lot of work and maybe the same as setting up two whole parties. Do they have a lot of friends in common? I think your best bet is to do something that they would both love. I like the spa party idea, I would think it would appeal to both girls. Pool party is also always good. What about a movie? You could go to a movie maybe, that would be fun and different, although I suppose it does present the problem of where to open presents...

If you can though I would give each girl her own cake. Maybe the 8 year old can incorporate her princess theme into the cake instead.

Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Dear L.:

It is wonderful to have two girls born on the same day. What fun! A few suggestions -

A meet me in the middle party? For example cake with just the middle, cut away the sides. Do not pin the tail on the donkey, but put the saddle in his middle.

Spa pajama party - manicures and a movie at home, guests wear their favorite pajamas. Not a sleep over - a sleep under.

Backwards party - everyone wears their clothes backwards. If you typically open presents and eat cake last, then do that first.

Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions.



answers from St. Louis on

I had that problem my son grauduated on my daughters birthday June 1. So I bought a big sheet cake with her barbie on one side and his graduation on the other side. Had his set of friends in the back your and hers in the front and the parents in the house and it turned out just fine. Don't panic it will be okay. God Bless you!!!!!!!

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