Seeking Ideas for a Horse Birthday Party

Updated on March 18, 2007
L. asks from Trenton, MI
20 answers

My soon to be 4 year old's birthday party has a horse theme any gift ideas or games we could play during the party? Ages range from 1 yr-8 yr. Thanks for any replies.

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answers from Des Moines on

it might be a little late for this message but i have a really great Idea for birthday parties and it has more than just horse thems also so I thought maybe you could use it next year.

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answers from Lansing on

Hi L.. I use the following website all the time when planning my kids birthday parties. It is packed with ideas!!

Also, you could look on the Family Fun website and in the Oriental Trading catalog.

I hope this helps! = )

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answers from Lansing on

I use, they have incredible selections of themes, from popular t.v shows, movies to just plain solid colors. They also have great items for "gift packs" those little boxes/bags you give out to the kids. And they have fun games that go with your theme. I would check them out if I were you they are wonderful. Hope this helps.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Hi L.!

I was searching for some ideas for my 5 year old's birthday party coming up in September. He is having a "pirate" birthday party. I came across this wonderful website that lists birthday party themes where they give ideas for games and sell packages. It is an great site! Here is the link to a "western" birthday party that you might be interested in:

They have many other ideas as well... check it out! =)

I also found a site where a woman had a horse themed party for her daughter. This is what she wrote about it:

"When the kids were arriving I set each up at a table to decorate a wooden horseshoe with jewels, stickers etc. We then went outside and did a scavenger hunt for plastic horses which I had hidden around the yard. I told them my horses had gotten loose and I needed help coralling them and asked them for their help. They scurried around with paper bags collecting them - they took home what they found. We then divided into two teams the mustangs and ??? (can't remember the other name at the moment) and did barrel races on stick horses around upside down buckets on the lawn. We also did a sugar cube on a spoon relay race as we all know horses like sugar cubes:-) We did pin the tail on the appaloosa. Served trail mix and apples. Then finished with a horseshoe shaped cake. It was fun and the kids loved it even though at 4 it was a bit tough to get all the races. I would imagine age 7 would get it a lot more easily. Oh I also went to a farm and feed store and got pony horseshoes for each child to take home".

I hope this helps you. Have a great birthday party!!


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answers from Dayton on

I love oriental trading. Really good prices.
Also you could rent ponies or places like bonybrook farms does birthday parties.

Also Family fun website has great ideas.
Have fun



answers from Kansas City on

I am not sure where you are located, but if you are close to the blue springs area and you would like a horse shaped birthday cake you can contact me. And of course there is pin the tail on the horse! Or instead of duck-duck-goose you could play horse-horse-mule!



answers from Indianapolis on


Go online to, they always have great party ideas.



answers from Detroit on

Hi L.;

My suggestion is to visit some interior design or paint stores, that order wallpaper.

they always have discontinued books.
ask for the kids books and this is a fun pre-school up to any age.
use the paper and border samples. cut them out.
can use them as decorations.

my son loves animals.
the paper is usually preglued just wet and it sticks.

we decorated boxes. empty containers.
folders. for his room.
make your own games, your own poster, your own place mats.
party favors, hats.
gift bags. table cloth
have fun



answers from Detroit on

You could have the kids paint horseshoes as an activity. You can buy horseshoes at tractor supply.



answers from Detroit on

My company (Fuzzy Friends Workshop) provides kits for at-home animal stuffing parties. Just last week I had someone order all horses for a horse-themed party. The activity is very similar to Build-A-Bear, but you get to do it in your own house and the kids get to hand-stuff the animals! I provide you with the kits (includes unstuffed animal, stuffing, birth certificate, wishing star, and take-home box) and party games that you can have the kids do that coincide with the Fuzzy Friends. For more info, check us out at or give me a call at ###-###-####!!!!



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi L., IT would be great to give a coupon for a horse ride as a present. I did that once to one of my daughters friends. I got her a cowboy hat with a coupon to take her horseback riding. I dabble in photography so I took a 5x7 of her on her first ride.

You could play horse shoo game. Pin the tail on the horse, something lost in haypile (first to find win or in teams and they find something and run back) or a type of clean the mess and they sovel brownie pieces.

good luck, have fun with it



answers from Detroit on

Several of the dollar stores in our area have cowboy (or cow girl!) hats, bandanas and sherif badges in stock right now. You might want to check your local store.

We did a cowboy theme for my son last year. He was two, and there were both girls and boys ages 2 to 8. They all loved it.



answers from Kansas City on

L., I have a ton of horse b-day party supplies if you still need some. I tend to go overboard when I buy for the parties. I always end up with extra. I have 5 tablecovers, 42 cups, tons of bev napkins and dinner napkins and 33 plates (dinner size). They are all new, some in their packages, others out. It's the Roundup background,red paisley border, brown & white horse with cowboy riding it with the lasso in his hands. It's still for sale in the stores. I was only asking $15 on's a great deal.

Also, we did some fun games...decorated cowboy hats, cow-milking contest, of course pin-the-tail on the HORSE! Learn to walk like a cowboy, Learned to lasso...well tried at least. For party favors I gave out sheriff's badges, bandana's and cowboy hats from US Toy. They had fun wearing them. We had pony rides, but it was at Benjamin Ranch and included in the party package. I know we did more, but I'm drawing a blank right now. you can send me a message if you are interested in the supplies or talking more about some ideas. Everyone loved the party. It was great! Good Luck! Oh, for cake: we did cupcakes with green sprayed coconut on them and put little plastic horses on them. It was so easy and very cute. We served hotdogs, chips, a cookout.

I forgot: I also have the centerpiece to match and a new pin the tail on the donkey game. :)



answers from Raleigh on

Hi there. I had a similar theme for my twins- cowgirls. Anyway, a game we played was where we held pony on a stick races andof course pin the tail on the donkey...errrr horsey

All of the kids that attended got cowboy hats, a small bag of gold rush bubble gum (the kind that comes in a little pouch), a kerchif (sp?). You could also do a horse pinata. An activity that all the kids enjoyed was making their own t shirts- we used horse rubber stamps. The craft was done first so the paint was dried by the time the party ended.

Good luck.



answers from Kansas City on

I am a Noah's Ark Animal Workshop Crew Member. We are a traveling stuffed animal workshop. We come to you! We have an adorable horse that could be used as a wonderful addition to your party theme. Many parents will purchase a horse for each guest and we stuff them at the party along with a rainbow wish star and a birth certificate. Another idea is to give the birthday child an unstuffed horse with the kit for him/her to stuff later - great birthday gift. My phone number is ###-###-#### or my website:



answers from Springfield on

My son attended a party when he was 7 or 8 with a horse theme. The mom went all out making bandanas with each childs name painted on it, each child got to take theirs home.



answers from St. Louis on

-pin the tail on the horse
-get a horse pin-ya-ta (they have very easy to break pin-ya-ta's you can buy)

that's all i can think of



answers from Oklahoma City on

You could play pin the tail on the donkey, go to like paper warehoouse or soemthing like that where they sell stuff like that



answers from Springfield on

We had pony rides in our backyard for my daughter's 2nd birthday last fall. I would not recommend this. Seemed like a great idea at the time...the kids loved it, however,one of the two ponies got spooked by a balloon and took off. The pony ran wild, with a 6 year-old on back, until she was pushed off. It was then that I realized the potential liability in my "great" idea. They said it had never happened before and I believe them, though the outcome could have been much worse! We did have a bunch of hay bales sitting around. The kids had fun playing on those. Since it was in our backyard, the kids just played on our swingset and sandbox, no other organized activities for our wide range of ages. Good luck!

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