Seeking Home Remedy Advice for My Baby's Chest Cold.

Updated on December 17, 2007
G.B. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I have a 3 year old who has had a chest cold for over three weeks now. He has been to the doctor's twice and they have checked his lungs for fluids and his lungs seem to be clear. I am concerned because he has had Pneumonia in the past and I would really like to prevent it from happening again. Any ideas on what I could do to help this cold to finally pass?

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So What Happened?

I received a lot of great ideas but only tried the one that Bonnie gave me about putting vicks vapor rub on the feet then covering with socks. It worked like a charm! He hardly coughed at all last night and I was finally able to get some sleep with worrying. THANK YOU BONNIE! I want to thank everyone who responded to my request and I will try others in the future. Thanks again ladies.

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Our pediatrician recently told us about the remedy of putting Vicks liberally on the feet then putting on socks. Works like a charm for coughs! Better than cough medicine. We do it at night for us or the kids if we have a cold.

For our kids we also take them in the bathroom before bedtime, turn the shower on hot and close the door. Then we sing and play games while the room fills with steam. Usually spend about 15-20 minutes in there (can hardly stand it longer). This does a lot to relax the lungs and decongest them.

We tried using vaporizers but we have vaulted ceilings in the bedrooms and the rooms never seem to fill with moisture.

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Hi. When my son was sick I used a Vicks night lite. You can get it at Walmart in the humidifier section. The lite sits on a nightstand or dresser. When you turn the light on the heat from the bulb heats up a strip of fabric that is saturated with Vicks vapor rub and the menthol fills the room which is then inhaled. I even used it and it worked for us. I think it was about $10 and came with five strips. good luck

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You might want to try 1 part of vicks to 3 parts baby lotion on your baby's chest and on their feet. Make sure you cover them up too!!!

I used to use the baby time bath wash and then put the vicks/lotion on my boys... It worked for us.. Good luck.

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I come from a home where my mother cure my brothers and sisters just using home remedies. I would recommend rubbing vicks in the front chest and back and ironning two cloths and putting the warm clothes in the chest and back. Don't take the baby a bath for about two to three days. I hope this help and your child gets better soon.

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Steaming the child at night before bed is great. What I mean is go into the bathroom with your child and sit on the floor. turn the showeron as hot as possible and leave the shower door open. Soon the room will look like a sauna and it really opens up the air passages. If the cold persists get a second opinion. You can go to another doctor. Maybe an ent is in order.

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