Seeking Help with Quiting Smoking

Updated on September 27, 2006
C.O. asks from Chicago, IL
9 answers

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I'm having the hardest time quitting, can any give me good advice ?

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answers from Chicago on

My husband and best friend went to lazer treatments of chicago and had lazer treatments they my husband went in May and my friend went 1 week later, neither of them have had a smoke since. I highly recommed this treatment. No I do not work for them, I know from experience quitting smoking is hard luckly for me when I was expecting my 1st child the smoking process made me sick to my stomach so for me is was easy, and after 9 months I never went back, it has been 12 1/2 years now.But my husband has had great sucess with thelazer treatment, becareful of fakes though, the place he went to has offices in
Chicago, Oakbrook and Mokena 191st street. they were 295.00 but wirth every penny considering how much cig's cost nowadays. and our life insurance policy is going down in price, in a big way. I think the # is 888 606 Quit. if you look it up on the web you will find it.
Good Luck to you

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answers from Chicago on

Good for you C. for trying to quit. Your baby can't talk yet, but if he could he would implore you to stop.

My sister-in-law smoked during her pregnancies and now her baby boy has really bad allergies. Her older daughter has been hospitalized several times with ashma.

Cigarretes are poison. Please don't poison your baby.

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answers from Chicago on

I was a pack a day smoker when I find out I was pregnant. The moment I took my pregnancy test and it came back positive, I quit cold turkey. I had tons of stresses in my life too and then more so when we found out we were having twins! Every time I had a craving, I just thought to myself about how bad it is for me to do this to my unborn child and I was lucky and it made me not have a cigarette. My father-n-law swears by commit lozenges. He takes as many as he needs and has been taking them for 14 months (even though they say to cut back). There is also laser surgery as folks mentioned. I also tried hypnosis. It worked for about a month. Good luck!! I know it's hard!



answers from Chicago on

Just like Amanda, I am good at quitting, just not staying "quit". With my first child I could not quit, the thought had never crossed my mind. My mother had smoked with all four of her pregnancies, back then they smoked in hospitals so she smoked before, during and directly after giving birth. I thought of it as "all us girls turned out fine". But when I really evaluated it, we weren't. Each one of us has some kind of problem. My sister for example, has a bad sinus condition and has had it since birth, she is 19 now, but has to blow her nose every 5 minutes, she can't go anywhere without tissue. That's when I quit. That was 6 years ago, and it is still tough. If you are anything like me, one day you will wake up and you will not be able to stand the smell anymore, eventually the baby will take over. Good luck to you and your baby. It is hard, but don't be discouraged by people telling you what to do, it will only make you want to smoke more. You will do it. Just remember you are a strong woman and you refuse to let smoking control you, you control the smoking.



answers from Chicago on

I'm good at quitting, just bad at staying quit:( The first time I quit I went cold turkey and that only lasted a few days. The other times I quit I used the gum or the commit lozengers, I needed to be doing something, the patch wouldn't work with me. It does get easier, the first few weeks are the worst, actually the first week then it gets better day by day. Avoid other smokers and avoid your triggers as best you can the first week ie if you smoke while on the phone don't use it. I like One thing I didnt know was about how it affects blood sugar which is why you feel the need to eat all the time when you first quit, there are some real informative articles on there. We all know how bad it is for us and baby. Good luck mama!!



answers from Chicago on

My first words to you would be that if you love and want your baby to be healthy you need to just stop. Plain and simple.

But I also want to help in some way so I attached a link about smoking and what it does to your baby. You should do research on this yourself and see what happens to babies whose mothers smoke...hopefully this will help you stop.

From the site:


When you smoke, you breathe in many poisons that get in your blood and keep your baby from getting the food and oxygen it needs to grow. The sooner you quit, the sooner you can stop passing on all these poisons to your baby. Think about this every time you start to light a cigarette. Smokers are more likely to:

* Lose the baby (miscarriage)
* Have the baby too soon
* Have trouble giving birth
* Have a baby thatís stillborn or too small
* Have a baby that dies soon after birth
* Have a baby that gets sick a lot


Use what you have learned about why and when you smoke to make changes in your habits that make it easier to quit. You canít avoid all your smoking triggers, but you can resist them, especially if you know what to do when you have the urge to light up.

The Four Dís

Use the Four Dís any time you crave a cigarette. They are simple to do. And you can use them no matter where you are.

Drink water
Drinking water may distract you, and it flushes the nicotine out of your body.

Wait a few minutes, and the urge for a smoke may pass.

Deep breathe
Take five deep breaths and relax for a few minutes. You may not want a cigarette as much anymore.

Do something else

* Spend more time with people who donít smoke.
* Do something you enjoy: call a friend, see a movie, rent a video, go window shopping.
* Plan ahead if youíre going somewhere with other smokers. Think about how great youíll look without a cigarette.
* Hold a straw if you need something in your hand.
* Chew gum or eat a low-cal snack.
* Exercise! When youíre pregnant, the best exercise is walking 15 minutes every day. Start slow, then get faster.
* Punch a pillow if youíre in a bad mood.
* Sew, or knit or crochet if you know how. If you donít, get your mom or a friend to teach you. You can make baby clothes.

I sincerely hope you stop smoking.



answers from Chicago on

You can do it!!!! You already know all the reasons why, you just need to know how. The patch rarely works--you already know about the bad dreams. I quit 2 1/2 years ago. Cold turkey is the way to go. be prepared to go through drug withdrawal. that's what it is. After 72 hours, the nicotine will be almost gone and that's when the moodiness and irritability set in. It lasts for about two weeks and it does get better. During that time, drink lots of water, a massage may help release the nicotine from your tissues, and accupuncture can be done while pregnant. I had it done in my 3rd trimester! Don't wait for the stress to go away before quitting, do it now. If you make it through this, you can stay quit. If you wait, the next big stress will just send you right back. Plain menthol cough drops are good to pop in for sudden cravings. Just know, it's almost impossible to WANT to quit, after all, I liked smoking-you won't want to quit or like it, but all you have to do is just quit. And if you relapse, just start over again. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have seen a homeopathic remedy for nicotine addiction. Perhaps it would work with or without the patch. If you look at a health food store or a place like Whole Foods, you will find it. The company is Boiron and the remedy is in a small, blue tube. The problems people have are listed on the bottles and the display, so look for the word nicotine. Start with 30C; it is stronger than 6C. If you think this works only a little, you can see a homeopathic practitioner who can give you the same remedy, but much stronger. Also try accupuncture, if the placement of the needles is allowed during pregnancy. I am a big believer in both homeopathy and accupuncture. I am afraid, myself, of hypnosis, but many people say they have stopped smoking from it.
Good luck. You can do it!



answers from Chicago on

I am sorry you are smoking. I know you feel awful about it. I know that you are craving the smoke and how it makes you feel at the first puff.... then reality sets in, the guilt and bad feelings. It really is an addiction. I smoked too. I was lucky enough to have quit two years before I got pregnant with my baby. I did not want to carry the guilt of smoking while pregnant. To quit, I would suggest cold turkey. At the very least, cut your smoke intake by at least half. The least amount of smoke in your system, the better. Good Luck! You can do it!!!!!

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