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Updated on November 24, 2006
P.P. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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My baby will be going to daycare mid-December and she'll be 3 months old. I've been breastfeeding her so far and will continue to do so but at daycare she needs to have the bottle. I may substitute formula from time to time but mainly I plan to keep her on breastmilk. In the hospital she didn't have issues when I substituted with formula. My husband has been able to get her to take from the bottle but she doesn't do well and pushes the nipple out. I've tried 3 different nipples along with breastmilk, Similic, and Good Start in the bottles. My question is what can I do to at least get her to take one bottle a day from me so she is okay when I go back to work? I will continue to express breastmilk and substitute with formula from time to time if needed when I return to work. Updated: My husband tried the large nipple Dr. Brown's, small nipple Dr. Brown's, Playtex drop in brown nipple, and we tried the soothie nipple. She'll take the soothie paci so I thought she'd take the bottle but we are not having any luck. We'll keep at it. I am sitting in the same room so maybe she can smell I'm there or something. I'm waiting for the breastbottle to arrive in the mail to try that. The moment my husband gives me back the baby she latches right on me. I feel so good that she wants me but hopefully she'll take the bottle by 12/20.

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So What Happened?

I put my youngest in daycare with the drop in bottle but the brown nipple (the nipple is stubby and the base is real flat). I think Playtex puts it out-Playtex drop-ins. Anyway, the first time my newborn was in daycare it took the daycare lady 45 minutes for her to take the bottle. A week went by where I didn't offer her any bottle and when I put her back in daycare it only took 15 minutes for her to take the bottle. The feeding lasted over an hour. Things are looking good in the bottle department and I'm less stressed about having her in daycare. I'm going to sell off my bottles and stock up on playtex liners and the nipples she likes. Thanks for all the advice it was sure helpful. The winner is playtex drop-ins!

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I had the same problem with my daughter. She would not take any bottles and we tried every kind there was at Target and the Breast bottle! She finally took Platex drop ins and is fine taking formula or breast milk. I was so frustrated because I never had heard of a baby not wanting a bottle. All you seem to hear about is nipple confusion in regards to liking bottle over the breast - not the other way around! Good Luck with bottle and going back to work!

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When I weaned my daughter we used the playtex drop in bottles. It was easy to put breastmilk and formula in. The nipples we used are designed to transfer from breast to bottle and are brown and a diffrent shape to resemble a womans nipple. They worked almost instantly!

Good Luck! :)

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I am a daycare provider and I have worked with several breastfed babies. I would suggest Playtex drop in bottles with the brown nipple. Several babies that I have worked with have used this type of bottle and it really goes great. I would also suggest having several different people to try to get your baby to take a bottle when you are not present. The better your baby takes a bottle will be less stress for you and your child care provider as well as your baby. Be patient, your baby will eventually have no trouble at all taking a bottle. I hope that this helps you out some.

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I would also suggest using the drop ins with the brown rubber nipples. If she has a problem with the formula you can mix half and half or 25/75 and work your way down from the breast milk. They also make a bottle called a Breastbottle Nurser that is shaped just like a breast that you could try. I would try hard on the other stuff first though because you don't want her to get used to that either. Here's a link to the One Step Ahead page where it's at:
Great company, I've ordered from them several times.
Best wishes,

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I had the same problem with my girl (now 7 months old). We tried and tried at home and she just wouldn't take more than a few sips. My pediatrician, bless her soul, told us to stop worrying and that she would figure it out once she got to daycare (at 14 weeks old). Well, my pediatrician was right . . . by the second day there she was eating like a champ and then started taking bottles at home from dad, too. The bottle that ended up working for us was the MAM ultivent bottle: ( You can buy them at SuperTargets (not regular Targets) and maybe at Babies R' Us.



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I also stopped beastfeeding my son when he was three months old. I had problems getting him to take a bottle too. It seemed he just couldn't latch on to the bottle nipples well. So I tried the orthodontic shaped nipples (they look like the shape of an orthodontic pacifier). I found them at Target and Walmart carries them now too. They are the nipples that come with the bottles for the Mendela Breast Pumps. But you can buy them seperate. They are Gerber Brand Nipples. I read somewhere that, that is the shape a woman's nipple takes inside the baby's mouth. I tried it and it worked like a charm. He took the bottle and breast and was able switch back and fourth without any nipple confusion or other problems. Around the time he was 6 months old I was able to switch him to a regular bottle nipple which are a lot easier to find and a little less expensive.



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I've read that someone else needs to give the baby a bottle to get her used to your husband, because she will associate breastfeeding with you and will resist the bottle. Maybe you can try having your husband give her night feedings (or whatever his schedule is) and go from there.
Good luck!




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Start with having your husband or someone else close give her the bottle when she is HUNGRY & you are not around. She knows your there & will be less likely to give in if she knows you will take over. I had to try a few bottles with my son & only the cheapest ones worked! But your best bet is to have someone else feed her from the bottle until she gets used to it. Good Luck!

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