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Updated on July 21, 2008
B.K. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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Hello fellow moms!!

I have been searching for months for a part time job that fits in well, or as well as possible, into my already busy and filled up stay-at-home mom family life. I live in the Downers Grove/Woodridge area. My background is in education and customer service. I type about 60 wpm and am familiar with Microsoft Office. I am currently working in a retail store on Saturdays and Sundays. This job has been very stressful on myself and my family. I am working the whole day, on the only two days of the week that my husband is home. I am open to working from home, or part time outside my home. I do not mind the idea of putting my 2 and 4 year old into a part time babysitting/childcare situation, but want to keep this to a minimum. I have discovered that tutoring does not pay enough to cover my child care and travel expenses, and give me the extra income I need, unfortunately. Though it will help my resume. Does anyone have an suggestions for me?

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Hi B.,
I also have a background in education. I was a teacher (I taught 4th and 5th grade), but decided that a stay at home business provided me with a chance to stay at home and be there for my 3 kids and family, yet run a successful business at the same time. I only work when my kids are in school and as soon as they get home, my time is with them. My paychecks are also significantly higher and my job has no stress. I am actually looking for individuals right now to work with a very successful team of moms/businesswomen who want to work from home and run a business that is an INC 500 company, you do not carry any inventory, has 100% guaranteed products, with no multi-level marketing and the CEO is on the US Chamber Board of Directors. It is for a wellness company that teaches moms/individuals to shop for healthier, safer products. Please give me a call at ###-###-#### or email me at if you would like me to fill you in on more.

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Hi B.,
My name is L., I have just started working from home, I am a mom of 5, and I am so impressed with this company! It is a going green on line store, that is cheaper than walmart or target, All Im doing is telling people about going green, which is so important to us now. This is a Very unique business that acctually is turning monthly expenses into a long term monthly income and Im getting a paycheck to do it! Its easy to learn and fun to do. I dont have stock,deliver products or do any billing, there is absolutely no risk involved, NO SCAMS!! . I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is an amazing opportunity. Check out my site, or you can e-mail me if you have any question! sharing wellness, one family at a time:) L.



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Hi B.!

I'm a mother to a 3 year old and a 7 month old (both girls). I love staying home with them and having the opportunity to work as little or as much as I like.

I am a Pampered Chef Consultant. I started with them back in August 2007 when I was 7 months pregnant. There's nothing to it. The products sell it's self and you have FUN in the process. The Pampered Chef is a great company with great people to help you achieve your dreams.

Let me know if this is something you may be interested in.

Good Luck!

S. Centeno



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Would you consider talking to me about the new french skin care company in town, Votre Vu? It is a direct selling company that will launch in August. We will begin with only 1500 reps and have about 1000 to date.

The objective of VotreVu is to introduce to America what European skin care is about. There will be skin care (4 categories), body (including a neck and bust cream), hair and mango beauty drink filled with other 20 key ingredients to support hair, nails and skin. We will launch with 50 products and new products will be introduced every six months. All products are formulated and manufactured at our 80 year old partner laboratory and will be distributed from our state of the art warehouse in Sugar Grove, IL.

This will be a very web-based company with minimal paperwork and minimal start-up costs ($99 to $129 and in return you get $250 in products).

You would be your own boss and make your own hours.



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I spent the last ten plus years working as a sub. A sub in a preschool, a sub in daycare. It worked for me. Or since you have education how about a part time job in a daycare or preschool where you can bring your children along? Say half a day. It's still like stay at home. Only you make some money and you have an extra for your resume. But believe me, I want to say this, if you can afford to stay at home oh do it! Enjoy it. It is no cliche. Time really does go by fast and my son is in the service and my other son a senior in highschool. What I wouldn't give to have one of those days back.

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