Seeking Help in Finding Preschools in Portland, Or

Updated on August 17, 2006
A.A. asks from Portland, OR
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my daughter will be two years old by the time i want her to join a preschool or an early preschool. i am looking for a public or a private low cost early preschool which would accept a two year old for 5 days a week in portland, oregon. please help me with your expertise because i just moved here and i know nothing about it.

also i do not seem to prefer babysitters at all i am seeking some educational and developmental center with no religious affiliations

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I recently looked into several daycares and preschools for my one and a half year-old daughter. I decided on Kindercare, because the staff was wonderful and the kids had plenty of creative activities to do throughout the day. It is corporate, but the perks include lots of supervision, stable, structured days, and high standards for safety and cleanliness. The cost was about average for similar places. For us, at three full days a week, the total was about $650 a month.

The one I went to is on SE 22nd and Gladstone, but there are several in the Portland area. You can go to to find out more about them. Good luck! I hope you find something that works best for your family.

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I have two children (G-8,B-19mos) that attend the YMCA Arts Center on 60th and Foster. They both love being there and the staff is wonderful. They have a full preschool program. ###-###-#### Good Luck!

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My son goes to The Children's Garden downtown (Morrison and 13th). He goes full time and really looks forward to it. I plan on keeping him there through pre-K (it is Montessorie based). I am very proud of him! He suprises me every day with some new word or concept he has learned, and is learning Spanish also. You might give them a call if you need something downtown. Good luck!

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Hi A.,

My son started at the Goddard School at the age of 1 year and 8 months. We have been very pleased with this program; he has learned all different kinds of things. He wasn't really talking when he went in, and now (one year later) he carries on complete conversations, with us, his toys, and even on the phone. He knew his ABC's before he turned 2. They have programs there for music, dance, Mandarin, sign language, Spanish and many other things. Each month is a different theme, like art, plants, bugs, and many different subjects. The ratio in my son's class is 1:4. His teachers are affectionate, intelligent, and seem to really care about him. We go half days 3 times a week but they take kids full time too. Our price was about $600 a month, but for similar programs, I found that this was about average, and for the education he received, it's a bargain.

Good luck in your search!
-A., Tycho's mom

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