Seeking Help for Wasted Breastmilk

Updated on April 15, 2008
D.A. asks from San Mateo, CA
4 answers

Please help! I'm trying to get my 9-week old daughter to take a bottle so my husband could help with the night feedings. I've bought almost every bottle at Babies R Us and she'll take the Playtex VentAire every once in a while, but she ALWAYS leaves an ounce. No matter how much I put in, she leaves an ounce. It's hard for me to pump since I have a 19 month old son, so the milk is precious to me. How do I get her to take the whole bottle?? If she doesn't take the bottle, she nurses readily. Is it just the bottle? What can I do?

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answers from Stockton on

I know that pumped breastmilk is liquid gold, and it's frustrating when they don't take it all. If your daughter isn't showing signs of hunger after a bottle feeding she is probably getting enough. The big difference between bottles and bf is that we can see how much they are actually eating.
You can save that ounce for up to a week in the frige and add it to another?(just don't add cold to warm milk) Or freeze it. I found the Ventaire is the best too for air bubbles. That is great she is even taking a bottle, my son hates the bottle and pacifiers, he spits them out and throws a fit.
Good Luck and hang in there!

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answers from San Francisco on

Just save that ounce and add it to the next bottle!



answers from San Francisco on

Freeze it in ice cube trays for later



answers from Sacramento on

Darling D.!
save that stuff! I've been doing it for 5 months with no adverse affects. Stick it in the fridge and add it to her next feed. Maybe she needs the pressure of at least one ounce behind the milk in order for it to feel normal to her mouth. Just add it to her next bottle. That stuff is liquid gold, and, so is your sanity :)
Good luck,

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