Seeking Help/Answers from Other Moms in My Situation.

Updated on April 27, 2009
C.K. asks from Streamwood, IL
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I know this question has been asked several times before, but I was hoping that there is someone out there that has a serious opening or opportunity. I am a mom to a beautiful 11 month old boy and also pregnant with our second due early June. The second one was a bit of a surprise, we are thrilled...but are trying to find something financially that would work. I have a great job with great pay, but will not allow me to work from home or part I am looking for a legitimate part time or at home job where I could still bring in money and be with our kids. I have a lot of corporate experience and would love to find something flexible. I have tried a few independent sales positions and they don't seem to work for me. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I have an excellent and legitimate opportunity for you. You can check it out at and get back to me with any questions. No selling, no inventory and unlimited income potential.



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Hi, C K...

Although I don't have much to offer, I thought I'd just offer up a suggestion. My neighbor was in the same boat--had corporate experience and wanted to stay home---and she works as a recruiter from her home...have you looked into that as a possiblity? I know that she is on the phone quite a bit. And, because I know her schedule, it appears to be incredibly flexible. However, she started this when her youngest was maybe 3 and he is now 6, so I really can't speak about how it would work for having really little ones. She also took on a position of taking phone calls for a local ultrasound business who just has their phone calls transferred to her phone and she takes messages and makes appointments for them. She's been doing that for several years now.

I wish you the best of luck...and kudos to you for wanting to be home with your little ones!!



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Have you tried The Mom Team? They are great.



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Hi! I came across an article in a free magazine from my son's school (Scholastic Parent & Child). It has several "major players" listed that would allow you to answer customer service calls. Those listed in the magazine were,,, and Another section was about freelance projects...these are very cool sites as not only do they have tons of jobs listed, but they also have tests - so you can really PROVE what you can do. The ones listed in the magazine were and It also said that was a true work from home job as well.

ALSO, just a quick note. I am an Indep. Avon Sales Rep. I currently have 8 reps whom work with me on my team. The best thing about selling Avon is that I can write off a lot of my personal care products or at least get them at serious discounts - such as shampoo/conditioner, soaps, skincare, lotions, and make-up. It's really saved our family a ton of money and I have a lot of fun selling and meeting new people. I have read plenty of other members mentioning their direct selling opportunities as well...perhaps one will match your needs! Congrats and best of luck in working it all out!

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