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Updated on March 02, 2007
K.M. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Ladies,

I need a referral for a great desinger/space planner for a remodel project. We are looking at remodeling a kitchen and master bath in the Dallas area(Royal/Hillcrest), and need help in desigining them to make sure that we get maximum funtionality & make it beautiful. Cannot afford to spend a fortune, but definitely need someone who knows their stuff! If you know anyone like this please respond with their name and number...We need someone ASAP.

Thanks So Much!!!


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Deidra Roe with Roberts and Roe just finished a room for me. She did a beautiful job. She's big in showing you how you can save money. She's very affordable and would be a wonderful help. Her email is [email protected] gives you everything you need in 7 hours of design work to either do it yourself or hire her.

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answers from Dallas on

Julie Wagner is fabulous! Very affordable, very easy to work with, very good at what she does! Phone # is ###-###-####, e-mail is [email protected] luck!

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Call Heather Rambo, HPR Designs. ###-###-####. She's awesome, very creative and offers great rates.

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Did you ever find someone you liked? I'm wanting to find someone...called a couple of the gals recommended to you and wasn't satisfied...maybe I'm too picky! :)

We used to live on Tulip Lane, near Hillcrest and Royal (actually we were closer to Preston), and I miss that area! We are now in the Park Cities area, Dallas but HP school district. We need some work done on our home, both design and remodeling.

Thanks for any help!




answers from Dallas on

Andrea Krolick at ###-###-####. She is a registered interior designer, not a decorator...there's a difference. She came and spoke at our MOPS meeting on more than one occasion and both times mentioned that if you just need her advice it's about $50/hour. However, if you choose to use her as a designer, she will not charge you anything because she makes her money by subcontracting the workers/remodeliner/painters/furniture & appliances, accessories, etc. She also has young children of her own.

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