Seeking Good On-line Journaling Web-sites

Updated on November 18, 2013
S.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
7 answers

I currently keep a journal for each of my daughters. The problem is that the entries have become very few and far between. I'm looking for a good on-line journaling website or place to record special moments that I can access anytime and anywhere, while keeping them private, so that I can share with them as they get older.

Please let me know if you know of any good websites out there.

Thank you.

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answers from Omaha on

My thought process is what if that site closes. Sites close every single day. My husband is a website designer/upkeeper and if people stop getting "sponsors" (basicallly ad space sold) they can't afford to keep their site open and they stop paying for the servers, the domain name.. etc and walla it's gone forever. So considering I see websites disapear every single day I wouldn't do something online. How can you guarentee that it will be there in 18 years? You can't.

Geocities for that matter just shut down. Who would have thought that. Sure you could download everything image wise before it did but the rest is lost.

So I really like the idea of just using a microsoft word document like someone else said. That is what I'm doing. Because I can back that up to my hearts content and there is never a worry.


answers from La Crosse on

I'm not sure what the benefits of an online journal would be, but I kept one all through my daughter's high school Microsoft Word. When she graduated this past year, I had it printed up like a book, and it was her favorite present (other than the cash, haha!).



answers from Minneapolis on

We use we started the blog to share pregnancy news and baby milestones with relatives who live far away, but I continue to update it every month or two as an online scrapbook or journal. We also used picassa to link photo albums to the blog.



answers from Rapid City on

I keep online journals on my grandkids. I kept them on each of my children from birth through teen years in notebooks and then typed them up and printed them out and put them in scrapbooks.

Where I put the online journals on my grandkids is in You can set it as unpublished so it is private and you can give out the link to people you want to share it with. It lets you add pictures and videos in the blogs also. I share them with relatives around the states and friends around the world.



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you tried totspot? It's an online journal for parents. Very easy to use.



answers from Minneapolis on

LiveJournal is a good option, or its spin-offs DeadJournal and InsaneJournal. I think DJ still requires invite codes (I should have some, if you want one), and IJ is relatively inactive (the upshot being, with what you want to use the journal for, that you won't get too many people trying to interact with you - although if you state as much in your user info at either of the other sites, it shouldn't be a big deal anyway). I've been on LiveJournal, under various names, for going on ten years, and despite several shifts and changes, I'm still satisfied enough to stay there.




answers from Sacramento on

I've been using as a baby journal. But to be sure, I usually order a real photobook from time to time (you can do it through their website).

The advantage of having things online is that you can update form anywhere and you can include videos too, which would be hard to do with a paper journal :)

Hope this helps!

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