Seeking Good Hair Loss Doctor & Hair Stylist

Updated on June 17, 2008
C.J. asks from Skokie, IL
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Does anyone know of a good doctor who specializes in female hair loss? Ideally I'd like a down to earth doctor with good bedside manners and without a long wait for an appointment. I was told by a dermatologist 3 years ago that I had androgenic alopecia and genetics played a big role. But there is not much hair loss
in my family (on either side). All was fine and the hair loss was subtle until 3 months after delivering my first child in January. My post partum hair loss is quite severe and now very obvious. I'd like to try something before resorting to Rogaine for life.

Similarly, can anyone recommend a hair stlist near the northern suburbs who can creatively help me come up with a new style that camouflages the my thinning spots. My days of going to Supercuts and putting my hair in a low maintenance ponytail may be over...


I live

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I am an Arbonne rep. We have a shampoo that has an ingredient that not only stops hair loss but will help with regrowth. When our hair loss is due to hormonal imbalance, our body produces a chemical that clogs hair folicles. Our shampoo releases that chemical from the hair folicle so hair can grow again. With continued use, these folicle stay clear so hair can grow unobstructed. I have several customers who will gladly give you testimonials about their own hair regrowth, as well as before and after pics I can send you.

For all Mamasource clients, I offer discounts. So please contact me at ###-###-#### for more details. this shampoo is very inexpensive, considering the results you will receive. For an 18oz bottle, it comes out to about $18.

L. R.

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Oh the joys of motherhood. I remember having massive amounts of hair loss. Even the hairstylist commented about how much was coming out in her brush! (just what I wanted to hear). Remember, we don't lose hair during pregnancy and then the hair kind of catches up on the loss after delivery. So 9 months of regrowth does not happen over night. I know how hard it is but may I suggest some products for you. Having the right shampoo and conditioner is very important. You don't want cheap ones that don't help fortify your current hair. Plus, there is a great product that stimulates the hair growth (which yours will), and it has worked in people who have had thinning or bald spots for a long time. These products are all botanically based and have NO chemicals or harsh ingredients in them. You can't afford to lose any more hair. I would be so happy to help you out if you are interested. They can be purchased online and delivered to your home with A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Now that's something to really think about. I'd be happy to tell you more about it if you are interested.

A new cut, probably shorter and layered would be good. I wish you the best and know that many of us go through this but it does help to use good products that help maintain the health or give it better health. Vitamins are still a must for you! Congrats on your little one and don't fret, there is help. Hope to hear from you.


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Ugh. I've struggled for YEARS with hair loss. Mine is largely stress-related. I used to have long, beautiful dark hair (as my husband so nicely rubs in at least once a week) and looking at old pix of myself makes me totally depressed. I've tried a number of home remedies, hair extensions, wigs (when I had to go to work) and so forth, with kind of okay-but-not-great results. I read an article in the Trib that cited Salon 475 in Highland Park as a place that does woman-friendly consults. I also think Unique Image on Southport in Chicago does private consults for hair loss. There is Magic and Vanity on the Gold Coast. although they cater to mostly cancer-treatment related hair loss, you might have some luck with a referral.

I don't have any firsthand suggestions, sadly. I wish I could afford one of the fancy salons but right now I don't even have money to fix my cracked and painful teeth. I wear hats a lot:^)

Nioxxin shampoos and conditioners rock, BTW. Spencer-Forrest has something called Toppik which makes my lost hair virtually indistinguishable. Again, too expensive for me right now but when I could afford it it worked wonders.

Good luck and let us know what happens!



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Are you sure it is not your thryoid causing the hair loss too??? Especially just agfer havig a baby.
just a thought

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