Seeking Good Doctor in Woodstock Area

Updated on March 25, 2008
A.R. asks from Woodstock, GA
4 answers

I was wondering if there is anyone taking anti deppresent meds for there nerves and axiety . my doctor keeps putting me on anti deppresent medication for my nerves and anxiety and im anxious alot .im not depressed .not sure what to do has any one else experience this or should i find another doctor to go to .im am on cymbalta right now . thanks

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answers from Atlanta on

it's perfectly reasonable to prescribe certain antidepressants as an anti-anxiety med. If you're concerned you could ask you doctor about something like Valium -- but then you have to deal with habit forming problems. If the cymbalta is helping, stay on it. If not, you just need to try something else. Next try would probably be Lexapro or Celexa. (Go with the Celexa if you do get prescribed Lexapro because they are kind of the same drug but Celexa has a generic and is therefore less expensive.)

Good luck to you!



answers from Boston on

Hi A.,

I know what you are going through. I have a history of anxiety/depression that had me on meds for years. I had to wean off my Paxil shortly after getting pregnant, and was started again on Lexapro postpartum to to extreme axiety. My OB/GYN who is in Canton, is very much into homeopathic and doesn't believe that many people need antidepressants. I'm not sure if I believe that or not, but he told me of an all-natural supplement called OmegaBrite. You can go to to check out the info on it, or let me know and I can email you the info that I have.

I've been weaning off of my Lexapro (you can't be on both!) so I can start trying it. I personally don't see a psychotherapist, so I can't give you a name of one. But perhaps you could ask your internist. Let me know if you want some info on it. I look forward to trying it myself, as I've had enough of these funky anxiety meds!! Good Luck



answers from Atlanta on

Those meds are usually used for more then one thing. just being depressed is one use but they have other symptoms that these meds cover. Doctor's aren't going to give out valium and stuff they did years ago for anxiety because of people getting addicted plus they depress you. You may want to consider Yoga or meditation there's also diet changes like cutting caffeine that can help. Sometimes over the counter stuff you get from the health food store can help but don't mix over the counter with prescribed meds it can cause a problem. If you are looking for another doctor I can suggest one in smyrna he helps my husband and son with ADHD his name is Dr. Brian T Kennedy ###-###-####.
I know you are having a difficult time please in no way think I was trying to be negative I just wanted to give some ideas and tell you what I've learned about the anti depressants and that they seems to have many uses. Remember one thing not every medication works the same for everyone so you may have to try to find a few that work for you. Best wishes to you.



answers from Atlanta on

I know an absolutely wonderful licensed therapist in the Woodstock area who has decades of experience in treating anxiety and depression, (she also treats many other personality disorders and does couples therapy as well) Her name is Elizabeth DeLuca and her number is ###-###-####. I too have suffered from anxiety disorder and depression.

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