Seeking Funding to Help Send My Son to Private School.

Updated on July 02, 2008
B.L. asks from Denver, CO
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Hello Ladies,

I am in need of some funding to continue sending my son to private school. I was able to supplement & pay the tuition for his freshman year at Bishop Machebeuf High School. This year is looking tighter than last year. We have applied for scholarships in the past. However many of those were on a need based determination. Because I make too much to get awarded many of the scholarships offered, I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I feel that Machebeuf is an excellent learning environment for my son. However, I feel I may be forced to send him to public school. If anyone has any information on scholarships to send children to private school, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Many Schools offer scholarships- you might want to ask the couselor at that particular school and they can guide you better I think.

Or if you would like to know how to earn extra income I would be happy to share with you what I do.
I work from home - very part - time and Love it!





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Our youngest daughter is a senior this year at Denver Lutheran and I know what you mean about earning to much but not enough. We won't take her out as it is her last year but it is really expense and we don't always have the money. With that being said some of our older kids went to public school and I don't think the education was as good.

Would his dad consider helping on this at least until he graduates? It wouldn't hurt to ask! I would talk to the school and maybe they could work something out. (My sister-in-law did janitor work at the school to keep her son in school) Maybe you could free lance accounting or even offer to help with the schools accounting for reduced tution.

Good Luck,
C. B



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Most funding comes with a true financial need. If your income is above a specific level then you will have to fund it yourself. Private high school is awesome, but some public schools are just as great. Call your local city and ask abotu what you can do. I as a single mom am in the same boat on things and know how it feels. Good luck.



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Not sure if you have looked into this scholarship yet but try visiting and see if you qualify. They were able to generously help my own mother when she put my sister and I (and now, my brother) through Bishop Machebeuf. Best of luck to you.

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