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Updated on March 26, 2011
L. asks from Dallas, TX
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My daughter has group of "divas" as we call them that we like to get together and do fun girl stuff! I am at a loss this month for fun playdate ideas. We do the house thing every 3rd month but need an idea for somewhere to go or something to do. Don't want anything too expensive. We did Libby Lu in October. Any good ideas? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Well we decided to go bowling as all 4 girls really enjoy that. I have looked up all the places you all have referred. Great places! We are keeping those in our "bag of tricks" for future use. Thank you all for your great ideas! I will be in touch with those that wanted to meet up.

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Try the Dallas Children's Museum. Unfortunately its recently moved to the Science building at Fair Park but still in my opinion worth the trip. I think its $4 for kids over 2 and a couple of dollars for the parents. They have at least 10 different pretend play areas for the kids. They can go grocery shopping in a store, put on a puppet show, fly an airplane, work in a dentists office etc etc. and each area is filled with fun clothes to dress in and all the stuff to play the part. Not only fun but educational too.

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Hi L.!

I have a diva that would LOVE to meet the other divas! Do you live near Plano?




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I have a daughter that loves to play dress up! If there's some room in your group, I'd love to join in sometime!! I live in the galleria area.

I take her to Lakeshore Learning Center on Saturdays, they have free crafts for kids.



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Eat some pickles with peanut butter and have them do prank calls to hoboes with phones.



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Bath Junkie... they can make their own scent and color and pick a lotion or bubble bath or whatever to have it made into. It's so much fun!!!

denton, plano, southlake, and there is one near wylie that I don't see listed.



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Hi L.! I have a little "diva" too! Where do you live? I'm in Flower Mound. ;o)

Happy New Year!



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The first thought I had after reading your request was....whatever happened to just playing at playdates?

At 4, my daughter and her friends played outside, played Barbies, dolls, dress-up with some cheap makeup I set aside for her, that kind of thing.



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Here's a couple thoughts for you:
1) How about a scrapbooking party. The girls can make a page on one of their favorite things (pet, doll, activity). Kids love arts and crafts, and it can be done in the comfort of one's home. I know a great Creative Memories Consultant who may be able to come out and help the kids. Nice lady and has kids of her own. Give her a call:
Danielle Mohr
Mohr Memories
Home ###-###-####
Cell ###-###-####
e-mail [email protected]

2) Tea party. Lots of tea places have "girls tea parties". One called Into My Garden is located in Plano on 15th St. Phone number is ###-###-####

Good luck!




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How funny! My daughter is in a playgroup of 4 year olds too and we named it the "Little Divas and Dudes" playgroup! ( we do have 2 boys too) We should get both groups together sometime!! :-)

Our group has been active for about 2 1/2 years now. We are mostly working moms too and we do all kinds of activities on the weekends. We do the house swamping thing, but we also meet up at parks( Frisco Commons and Celebration park in Allen are great ones!), indoor playground/bounce houses ( like Cute as a Button, Jump Town, Clubhouse for Kids and Inflatible Insanity ). We've also gone to puppet shows at Slappy's Playhouse in the Galleria mall and done crafts at Lowes.




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Kidz Muze in Coppell is a lot of fun! We have had playgroup there when the weather was bad. You can easily lose about 3 or 4 hours there with them. Lot's of stuff to do and educational at the same time.

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