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Updated on May 13, 2008
A.P. asks from Fenton, MO
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I have read Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace and researched a lot of the mainstream frugal sites such as tightwad and I shop Aldi and resale shops. I am looking for really clever ways you take frugal to another level. What kinds of things do you do in your home which make you a frugal

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answers from Kansas City on

I bargain shop and buy for the next season, I buy my son's clothes and toys from, Children's Orchard and garage sales. I shop at Aldi's sometimes and mostly Wal-mart and I buy the Walmart brand of most things when I do shop there. I found ways to cut corners such as the cable package we have, cell phone bill, I don't have a home phone. Those are a few ideas I have for you! I try not to go out to eat too much and if I do, I use coupons or find places where kids eat for free. I hope this helps.



answers from St. Louis on

Get some bicycles and use them. We live within walking/cycling distance of many places we often drive to. A few years ago, when gas prices started skyrocketing my kids and I started going on errands on bikes. We wear backpacks so when we shop we can carry stuff home. It's surprising how far you can easily ride on a bike and back. Even though our area isn't bike-friendly, as far as good, safe routes to ride, I've found that people in cars are extremely kind to a mom and kids on bikes - always giving us the right of way. Besides saving money, it really feels good to burn calories not gas!

Also, now that my kids are older, mostly teenagers, when they want to go someplace, we consolidate trips in the car. No more taking one kid one place, coming home and taking another kid. I'm also working in implementing a "gas kitty" where the kids need to pay $1 a ride. They can split the cost, but they have to pay. That way, maybe they'll actually ask their freind's parents for rides some of the time. Somehow, I got to be the one who drives my kids and their friends both ways to everything because I'm the easy one.



answers from Topeka on


Instead of eating out (even at McDonalds), make up sandwiches and take them on a picnic (at a neighborhood park or other outside, free area). You can bring apples and homemade cookies, and a bottle of fruit juice and your boys will like it much more than a fast food meal.

The tip about adjusting your thermostat is a great one. I'd also add to use weatherstripping around door and window frames, even in the summer if you have airconditioning. Teach your boys to turn off lights, tv, etc. whenever they leave the room and teach them by your example. You will be saving money and also helping reduce our need for more energy. Let your sons know they help the environment when they don't waste electricity. Fix any leaky faucets or toilets you have because a slow drip can waste a lot of water over the course of a day.

Shop at thrift stores for almost anything (nonfood) you need. Salvation Army etc. have housewares, home decor items, that are so much cheaper than you can find anywhere else. Sure, you may have to search harder to find what you can use, but the money savings make it worthwhile.

Before you throw away anything, think if there is a way you can reuse it. Aluminum foil can be wiped off and reused, plastic storage bags can be washed and left to dry on tall bottles. Wash empty margarine tubs and use instead of the disposable containers. I'm sure a lot of websites have more ideas on how to save -- you might try the Mother Earth's website. I even use paper grocery bags to wrap boxes that I mail gifts to relatives who live out of town.

If you have the space, grow some vegetables and get your boys to help. It is really a great way to show them how the food they eat starts out. Too many kids today, don't have any idea of how their food gets to their plates. Fresh tomatoes in the store in my area, start out at over $1.69 a pound and go up from there. Not only do you save money when you grow your own, they taste soooo much better than what you get in a store.

I think it is great that you are trying to live frugally. I wish more people would do it -- we have become such a wasteful society. Good luck.

C. J



answers from St. Louis on

I go to yard sales, I shop I shop at Aldi's, I buy in bulk when things are on sale. You must be educated about the prices of things you love, then you can pick up more of them when they are on sale. Only use coupons for things you will use. Shop clearance sales in retail stores, sometimes they have lower prices than consignment shops. When you go out in your car, plan your errands in such a manner that you are not back tracking, go in one big circle. I am sure others will have ideas for you also.



answers from Kansas City on

We shop at sam's club. Even though there is a $30-35 membership fee per year, we realized we saved that amount just by buying milk there. Milk in the store is usually $4 or so and is only $2.80 or less at sam's. I don't know how much it is at aldi's but we end up doing 95% of our shopping there.



answers from Wichita on

I reciently read a book call America's Cheapest Family. They have some wonderful ideas about saving money. I would suggest you check it out of the library and see what kinds of ideas they can give you. I thought some of their ideas were great and some just not for me.



answers from St. Louis on

First, if you have a friend or neighbor in a similar situation, you can share....going to the grocery store and save on gas. And maybe even share clothes, the older kids can pass their things down to the younger ones. You may even consider having your own garage sale, you'd be amazed what people, grandparents especially will buy for the grand kids! In the winter lower your thermostat 2 degrees, and in the summer raise it 2 degrees, you'd be surprised how much that will save. Only do laundry if you have a full load, or limit the number of trips you make to the laundramat. Look at all the things you spend your money on, and if there is something you can live without OR downgrade, like dial up internet reather than dsl, or fewer cable channels, do it...even if it seems minor, my grandfather used to tell me, you look after your pennies and the dollars will look after themsleves. Good luck, these are financial trying times for most of us.

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