Seeking Foundation Repair Company for My Home in Carrollton

Updated on January 08, 2010
T.S. asks from Carrollton, TX
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We believe there has been some shifting of our foundation, and there are now cracks in the woodwork and ceiling. We are wanting to get someone to come out and take a look at the foundation to check for problems as well as give estimates on repairs. I would appreciate any recommendations you may have. Of course, we want someone who is reasonable, but we also want someone who is reputable. Thank you in advance for your help.

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I believe they will be honest and tell you if you don't need repairs, we had ours checked about 6 months prior and it was fine then. Then it got really bad, cracking tile and sheetrock, doors not shutting right. So we used Olshan for our foundation repair about 4 months ago. They did a great job. We had two estimates and they both said pretty much the same thing, except Olshan wanted to put 1 more pier than the other but came down on their price to be comparable with the other estimate. Olshan's is fast also, the other company (I can't remember their name) would have taken about 3 months to do the work and Olshan's did it within a couple of weeks. Olshan has been around for a long time and has a life-time warranty on their work. Good luck.


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I first consulted with an independent structural engineer to give me an unbiased report. I used GeoDynamics (Jim McNeme) and thought he was terrrific. Then I contacted several foundation companies, using the information I had (knowing how many piers, and what type) which saved tons of time (and dishonesty). In the end, I used Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair. They were very reasonable and did a good job. I was happy with everything.

Good Luck



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We were pleased with the honesty of William Hill of He's a fully certified engineer, not a 'foundation repair specialist', and has been in business a long time. He looked over our situation, and recommended strategies to prevent foundation repair.



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Hi, We just had ours checked out by two people refered to me by our realtor. Thankfully, we didn't have issues, but both said the same thing so I'm assuming they were honest. If I would have had issues I would have got another one or two opinions just to compare. They both came out at no charge and took about an hour.

Perma Pier - Don Evon
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Structured Foundation Repairs - Brandon Hoge
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We just have one small exterior crack and nothing inside except a few hairline cracks. They both told me it was our gutters draining to close to the house and the back of the house was lifting a little. They both said just to extend the gutters out some and it should correct itself over time.



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I thought we had problems and contacted several companies. The one I felt was most reputable and gave me honest info was Lonhorn Foundation. I didn't have foundation problems after all, and so I never actually used their services, but he came out and evaluated for me and I just got a good feeling from him.

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