Seeking for Vibrating Baby Monitor

Updated on October 06, 2008
A.P. asks from Brooklyn, NY
8 answers

Hello to all the Moms out there. I am now in my 22 weeks and I’m seeking for a vibrating baby monitor. You see I decided to stay home until my baby is in pre-school and then go to work. Because I’m going to be home a lot I’ll be doing the house chores and all that. That’s why I need a vibrating baby monitor that way I can always be alerted when my baby cries or whatever while I’m vacuuming or whatever. Another thing I should mention is that I am hearing impaired and have very little vision. The once with lights won't work for me. Please let me know what you recommend. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
A. P

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answers from New York on

I had a monitor with a TV. The mini TV was set up in her room and I was able to carry the hand held TV or clip it to my waist.

It's brand new and would be willing to sell it...

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answers from Syracuse on

Hi A.,

I found your request very sweet...let me assure will hear that baby cry with NO monitor and OVER the vacuum...

I would suggest an Angelcare monitor...they are the type that you a put the pad under the mattress and it detects baby movements, it alerts you as to if the baby has not moved in a certain number of basically it can put your mind at ease regarding SIDS.

Enjoy that baby - you're in for an amazing journey!




answers from New York on

Hi - I bought one digital monitor that was awful! - I think it was Graco. Then I bought the video monitor by "Summer" - it is portable and you can turn it on very loud so you can hear the baby over just about anything - and charging it overnight holds the charge all day long. It is great and I wish I had it from the beginning. I don't know of any vibrating monitors.

Now - I see you haven't had the baby yet. What you may want to do is prepare yourself for the fact that you may not actually get any house chores done for a while - no matter how good your monitor!! You may be able to - and I thought I would (and cooked dinner every night and cleaned my house for 3-4 hours every Sat before she was born) - but couldn't until my dgtr was about a year old (unless someone else had her!). Plenty of people will tell you - get the baby used to noise - get the baby to fall asleep on their own - every baby is different. Mine slept great at night (12 hours) - as long as she was rocked to sleep. She napped only a little as long as she was rocked to sleep and held for the duration - with NO NOISE - she would wake up at almost every change in sound. Believe me I tried - then decided - this is what she needs and accepted it (along with dust bunnies and missed phone calls - I could barely even turn the pages in a book nevermind watch TV at a reasonable volume!). She was happy and rested and turned into a great napper & sleeper! Don't worry too much about getting it all done - babies have a way of finding their way in the middle of everything!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! It is a wonderful experience and I never knew life could be so fulfilling! It is truly amazing the amount of joy and wholeness these little ones can bring into our lives! And it just gets better as they grow (well, mine is 27 mos now - I can't speak much for beyond that!! LOL)



answers from Rochester on

Fisher Price's Sound and Lights monitor works good for me. I'm hard of hearing and this works just fine.
If you really want something that deaf people use, go here:
And you can purchase a signaler/reciever - you plug a lamp into it and it blinks to signal the baby's cry. Or plug a vibrator under your mattress and shakes the bed...
Honestly, you'll be fine with a regular one...and cheaper too...



answers from New York on

My monitor doesn't vibrate but it lights up. A row of small red lights flash at the slightest sound from my daughter's room. If it's a quiet sound, only one light will flash, the whole row for loud cries, etc... If there is an air conditioner on, you might see one light pulsing in response. It's great for when I'm vacuuming, in the shower, watching a loud movie, etc... Mine is the Sony NTM- 910 900. It runs $50.00 but there are probably more light up models available.



answers from Syracuse on

I don't know of any that vibrate, but I have a fisher price one that lights up. The sound can be turned all the way down and I still know when my daughter is crying because the lights go off.



answers from New York on

honestly, dont bother. the amount of time you are vacuuming is so small that i dont think you would need something to vibrate. they all have lights that light up as the baby cries. just turn the thing way up and place it on a table as you go around so you can always see it. you will be amazed at how quickly you dont even think but are checking on the monitor unconsciously. the lights will be enough.

i would suggest you make sure to get one that recharges while plugged in. i had the fisher price dual reciever for daughter #1 and like it but the batteries had to be good when it was unplugged. so in effort to have good batteries, i would plug it in when i got the chance. it was just a pain.

do you have a larger house? i cannot tell you how happy i am with my new monitor. its sold at BRU but i never saw it online or on thier site. its 3 bases and 1 receiver so you can set the bases in all the rooms you anticipate the baby to be in. then you just grab the reciever and swtich to the correct room. its so great because then you never have to move the base, like if you decide to clean your closet out while the baby is in the swing downstairs, kwim. i am very happy with it, it recharges so no need for batteries, and i have never missed or even thought about wanting 2 receivers. it is one of the few things that i actually will be saving for our next child as a cant live without item.

congratulations, also make sure to get a bundle me, a miracle blanket AND aiden and anais swaddling blankets, and a shopping cart cover. those are def my hands down, absolutely, positively must-have items for a baby!!!!



answers from New York on

Hi A.,
I've never heard of a vibrating baby monitor but then my last baby was born 9 years ago. I never had a problem with hearing the babies crying. Vacuuming doesn't take a really long time, I'd do a room and stop to listen. Usually vacuuming doesn't wake a sleeping baby, so I'd do it just after baby went down for a nap, or while baby was awake and happy - they aren't born knowing to be afraid of or bothered by the noise. To be honest, I never used a baby monitor. If my baby cried loud enough to need attention, I'd hear them, we didn't live in a mansion :)
Good luck!

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