Seeking for Free Speech Theraphy in Vegas.

Updated on October 31, 2010
D.D. asks from Fayetteville, AR
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Hi, everyone, Im seeking for free speech theraphy for my 6 yers old son ,he was diagnostic with autism four years ago, since my husband and I we know about this we look for special education .with this my son is going much better every year, we can see big change, but until now is so dificult for him put words together to make a conversation, or let me know what he want or what he feel, waht he want to do, when I ask for something and he try to explain me, he start to crying and bublee sound, this is hard and sad for me to try to undertand his feel, he need extra help with his speech, that wahy Im looking for help, our economic situation its not good for while, and we can not afford this expense speech theraphy, but my DREAM and my Goal is some day go with anyplace my son want to go and sit with him and hava a conversation,listening to him talk fluent, if you know a place where can I take him,please,please let me know, or any information I will appreciate. thanks!

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So What Happened?

I want to say THANKS SO MUCH to everyone for your help, be sure I will contact all the places that you recomend me, Thanks again for be with me, I will let know how is going everything, we live in Vegas.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

He can receive services through your school district.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Are you in Las Vegas, Nevada? I'm a little bit confused because your info indicates that you live Arkansas. Anyway, if you are asking about ST services in Sin City, I would urge you to contact the Desert Regional Center, ###-###-####, if you haven't already and apply for services through them. You will want to do that ASAP because there is a waiting list.

Once you have some kind of funding secured, I would urge you to book an appointment with Elissa Mandel at Henderson Speech Hearing & Language, I can't say enough good stuff about her. She really knows her stuff and has helped our son in countless ways.

I'm glad that you are seeking out additional treatment for your son. Once he starts receiving the right type of therapy for him and being taught in a way that is meaningful for him, I'm sure that you will see some positive progress.

Best of luck to you and your son.



answers from San Francisco on

Do you live anywhere near an university?

Some colleges have speech therapist programs and they need real kids to work with. My son attended speech therapy at San Jose State and I think that it was one of the best experiences with therapy we have had.

Also, the school district should be giving him therapy (even if he does not attend). We attend a private school and go once a week to the public school to receive speech therapy.



answers from Cincinnati on

In Ohio, after the age of 3, you can have your child evaluated through the school district to see if he qualifies for speech therapy assistance. I would recommend calling your local school district and ask about testing:)



answers from Denver on

If there is a university near you, you might find free/reduced services through the graduate/undergraduate program. The school district should also provide services, make sure to advocate for your son. You might also want to explore augmentative communication devices for him.

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