Seeking for a GPS for Europe

Updated on April 18, 2008
Y.W. asks from APO, AE
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Hi, I am looking for a used not too expensive GPS with Europe map. we live in Hanau right now but we are moving to K-town in the next 2 months. We have to live offpost and I need to get around but i know i will get lost so i really need a GPS. Please if you know anyone that is selling one please, email me. I really apreciate all your help.

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So What Happened?

well thanks everyone for all your advise. i did find a GPS but like someone said to me, it's better to get one brand new cause you never know if the one you find used is good or something can be wrong with it cause that's what happened, mine goes off once in a while, i think the cigarette adapter is damage so i will have to get it replaced. I do have a NEW TOMTOM but after using it once the darn thing just froze and i just didn't want to pay another $700.00 dallars for a new one. I'm trying to get it fix but it's too much hassle, i bought it almost a year ago so who knows what's going to happen with that. but anyway, thank you all sooo much. I love the fact that everyone is so nice here and i feel like i can always count on you ladies. THANKS!!!!!

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answers from Stationed Overseas on is is good resource for buying used items. You can check online on Thursday evening for items going on sale. The KA does not come out until Friday so you will have a head start if you look online. is also a good resource. The housing office will also let you borrow GPS for looking for houses. The ones that they sale in the power zone come with software for Europe although they are expensive. I have seen many people selling them. Also, at the Power Zone you can look in the "clearance" section. Many times these items are just returned by someone and you can get them for 25-50% off.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

If you don't find one or they haven't givein you websites of anysort here is the site for the base paper If you are useing it mostly for finding a house you can get one from the houseing office if they are not all being used. We had one in are rental if you are going to end up renting a car i suggest KMC car rentels it is in Ramstien village and they speak Engish. If you get to the power zone at the right time their is some marked down for the ones just Europe because everyone wonts one they can also use in the US when they move back to the states.



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Hello I currently like in K-town and my FIL is trying to sell his Tomtom. I think that he wants like 200-300 for it. How cheap were you looking to purchase one for?


answers from Clarksville on

I understand your desire to save money, but personally, I'm not into used electronics for reliability and warranty reasons... You might consider that even though you might pay more, you might get a better value by buying a new GPS that supports software for both Europe and the US. Then you can take it with you when you leave...We bought a GPS from AAFES that does this. So when we go visit back to the States we just load the US software and off we go. You also want to look for a company/product that has upgradeable software. That is our only disappointment with the one we have is that while we have software for US and Germany, we cannot get upgrades...what this translated to is that when we went home to San Antonio Texas, my hometown, it has changed so much that when we tried to find an address, it got us there but the GPS screen was no help because it still showed it as wide open land...just some things to consider if you want to invest in something that you could use here AND in the States.


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