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Updated on July 10, 2007
R.L. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Everyone, I am looking for a new dermatologist. I have been to a couple of different doctors and haven't found one I am crazy about. I have United Healthcare insurance and would really prefer a female dr. on the northside (I live in Old Irving).

Ideally, I want to establish a relationship with someone I can continually see for treatment of the following:

Thorough skin cancer screening (moles, freckles from frying my sensitive skin as a teenager trying to get tan!)

Mole removal

Anti-aging - time to start thinking about this

Fingernail Problems - I was told I had "nail fungus" and did every possible treatment, including the liver-damaging Lamisil pill for 3 months, Penlac prescription nail lacquer, and anti-fungal drops but it is still there....and getting worse! Is there a doctor that can help me get rid of this???

If you have had an experience with a dermatologist that can help me with one or all of the above, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the input on dermatologists. I think I am going to give Dr. Thrash a try, since she was on my list of potential doctors already, is near me, and is on my insurance plan!


I have since seen Dr. Thrash and she diagnosed the fingernail problem as psoriasis, NOT the nail fungus I have been misdiagnosed with in the past (which explains why none of the expensive treatments worked!). She prescribed a cream, Talconex, that is already doing wonders. I am so happy!

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I don't know any female determatologists as too far north, but my husband used to go to this practice in River North, which has a couple of females. They couldn't help with his issue, but he did like the practitioners.

Good luck!

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I see Doctor Thrash. I think her first name is Candace. She's located at Swedish Covenant Hospital at Foster and California. I have only seen her a couple of times, but like her. She's going out on maternity leave around October or November, so you should try to get an appointment soon if you're interested. She does take United Healthcare because that's what I have.



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I have been going to the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group - River North office for many years, and have been very pleased with all the women I have seen at their practice. I just learned that Dr. Neha Robinson (who I was seeing) has just left that practice to start her own practice in Wicker Park (1455 N. Milwaukee / ###-###-####). There are 2 women at this new practice. I highly recommend her. This location might be more convenient for you...



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I'm not sure if you mean "northside" meaning you are in downtown chicago or the suburbs.
If you are near Skokie, I go to Dr Stephanie Mehlis for my dermatological concerns. She also treated my toddler for eczema. SHe is very nice and professional.

If you are interested, go to and type in her name.

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