Seeking Feedback on Kerr Elementary and Ereckson Middle in Allen

Updated on July 03, 2007
N.B. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

Any feedback on these schools would be greatly appreciated. Need to make a home purchase within the next 3 days...

Also, anyone in Star Creek with elementary-aged children? Seven year old boy will need playmates!


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answers from Dallas on

We moved here a little over a year ago. My daughter went to Kerr for kindergarten last year. We were very pleased. Before we bought our house, my husband talked to several principals. They were very willing to spend time talking to us and answering all of our questions. Just before my daughter started school, I had heard that all but 1 of the kindergarten teachers were brand new to the school. That had me a little concerned, but I think they were all excellent teachers. Anyway, after a year at Kerr, I haven't experienced or heard anything bad.



answers from Dallas on

There are tons of kids in star creek. We are building a house there and have been using the pool this summer. A lot of the kids are younger that I have seen but I have noticed a family with either a 7 or 8 year old boy. The same family has a 5 year old boy. There are several kids in the 6-8 age range that I have seen. I have heard nothing negative about the schools. I hope this helps.



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I don't have kids at Kerr but I have several friends that have kids there, and they have no complaints, they say its a great school. Neither of them have kids old enough for middle school, so I'm not sure about Ereckson.




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I don't know specifics about these schools, but the Allen ISD is GREAT!!! I would suggest looking at the Allen ISD website. My daughter has been at Vaughan Elementary for the last 3 years and I have been very pleased.

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