Seeking DJ and Location Referrals for 4 Year Old Birthday Party

Updated on April 28, 2008
K.B. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi there. My husband and I would like to throw a dance party for our son's 4th birthday as he loves music and dancing. I'm trying to find a DJ that will cater to kids (kids music, teach them fun dances, etc...) as well as a location that we could rent that won't break the bank. I've checked the classifieds section in Dallas Child but didn't see anything that fit this. Any referrals/advice would be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all those who provided positive, helpful responses. I did book a room at one of the Plano Recreation Centers as suggested by a Mamasource Mom. Then I found a lady from an organization called Music Together to lead a musical, interactive program for the kids which included some dancing. It was fun!

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Personally, I think that renting a location and hiring a DJ for a 4 year old's party is too extreme. Why don't you just have it at your house in the back yard, set up some cool lights, a stereo and do the music and dance instruction yourself? You can google dance party and get all kinds of neat ideas on the internet. Why spend all of that money? he's turning 4 not 40.

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Try your local Rec center. you can hire a dj and deck it out like a dance hall... or Theme it up any way you want...70 disco... FUN FUN!!! Hire a local Dance teacher (maybe from the college or rec center or even a dance student from a dance school) to "host" the dance potrion of the party for about an hour or so...

If you need any party favors, invitations, "GIFT CAKES" or speciality gift wrapping, give me a call.

A. J
Owner/Celebrity Party Favors, McKinney, TX

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I don't know where you're located or how far you would want to travel, but Prosper has a great place with a dance floor, bounce houses, rock wall, lazer tag, etc.. We have held many church events there and they play Disney music and have a strobe light, bubble machine and everything to make it really cool. My son also loves music and dancing and really likes it there! Their party packages are reasonable (as reasonable as they can be!). Check them out. We've been really happy with them, and David (the owner) is a really good guy!

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I have to agree that booking a DJ and location sounds way over the top for a 4 year old birthday party. I would consider having the party at a gymnastics place and requesting that they set time aside for dancing. We recently had our son's party at Metroplex in Allen, and the children had an hour of "gym" time with different activities. I'm sure you could bring in a few of your son's favorite CD's and they would clear the entire floor so that the little ones could enjoy dancing. There are a few incredible instructors there that would definitely teach the little ones fun dances, and I would be happy to help you work something out with them! Just let me know...

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Ron Sexton of Complete Music ###-###-#### worked with me for my daughter's 13th bday party in Dec. They have a lot of DJ's and you pretty much just tell them what you are looking for and they will find a fit. We were happy with the DJ we had. Expect to spend around $600 minimum for about 3 hrs.

About 10 yrs ago, we had a huge party in our yard and had a DJ from Bill Cody's productions. We had a lot of kids at this party and this DJ had a lot of games and such.

As for locations, I can't help much with that. We either have parties at our house because we have a huge private lot and then rent tables, etc from Ducky Bob's or get a room at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano. Gleneagles is a private club so I am not sure if you have to be member to reserve a room.

Our little ones are only young once.....have fun and enjoy. When our daughter was younger, we would include parents at the parties as well and everyone had a great time.

Good Luck

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