Seeking Developmental Pediatrician in Tampa Area

Updated on July 01, 2008
S.R. asks from Tampa, FL
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I am interested in finding a developmental pedi to evaluate my son. he is 2 and has a speech delay. He has only improved slightly in the past 7 months that he has been in speech therapy. He has had a hearing screen and passed, and he is very outgoing, loving and cognitively is ahead of the game, communicating what he wants and thinks is the problem. Anyway, I am not sure where to look...GOOGLE hasn't helped and on my insurance website I am only coming up with 1 name in a 75 mile radius... I know that this is something that I may end up paying out of pocket for-but this is something that I am highly considering...So if you know of a developmental pedi in the Tampa area I would like to know.
Any advice welcome...
he has been my problem child from the begining- SEVERE reflux for the first year-no improvement with meds, SEVERE now allergies to dust mites, dogs and cats, tree nuts....

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Consider Dr. Mary Pavan at All Children's Hospital in St. Pete (also works with Early Steps Program which can provide funding when insurance doesn't cover things). She is fantastic and will make any appropriate referrals you may need.  You can reach her through the main ACH phone number at 800-898-7451. I would also suggest a second opinion for the speech therapy if you feel little progress is being made.  Be sure you are seeing someone who is licensed and has experience with whatever your son's specific issues are. Also, it is improtant that you are participating in therapy with the SLP and your son so that you can carry over his goals outside of therapy sessions. Best of luck to you.



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I don't know about specific pediatricians, but you can have your son evaluated and treated essentially for free through the USF Early Steps Program. Following his evaluation, if he is found to need services, they will develop a plan and identify service providers who will come to your home for speech therapy.

They will charge whatever is applicable to your insurance company (i.e., what they will pay for) and cover the rest.

Contact Heather Bair, the Service Coordinator for USF/Bay Area Early Steps Program @ ###-###-#### for program info and to set up your evaluation.

For further info see:

Good luck!



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I would check with your pediatrician (sp) first and see if they can give you any names. My sister researched some for her daughter and the dr. that was recommended was Dr. Carnivale- I don't know if I spelled it correctly or not, but he is just one of the dr. in the group in Tampa. Make sure you ask if they accept your insurance, many do not accept common insurance and their rate is VERY high.....hope this helps, good luck!



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HI...I am a Speech Pathologist in Valrico. I would recommend Eric Tridas or Nancy Carnivale at the Tridas Center. You can find their website if you google Tridas Center. Good luck!

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