Seeking Daycare Recommendations

Updated on November 20, 2006
R.D. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
5 answers

I am looking for recommendations on childcare facilites or at home care centers in the N-NW Oklahoma City or downtown area. My child is currently enrolled at May Ave Methodist Childcare center. She loved the infant room and the 1-2 year old room but is now in the 2-3 year old room. I am having concerns with her care and would like to move her to another facility. I would prefer she be in in-home care if possible. If anyone has a recommendation for me I would greatly appreciate it!!

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This is the very powerful childcare search engine provided by under the childcare locater link...
You can search by zipcode, home, facility, ages, dhs contract, private pay, stars/quality ect...



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I have a 2 Star home daycare at 27th and Portland and I have an opening. The majority of my kids are 2 or will be 2 in about a month. I'll send you a private message with my phone number.




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Hi R.! I also have a home childcare facility and have a spot open for a child over two years old. I am located in Bethany. I will private message you with my information too!



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Have you trien Rainbow fleet most daycares are listed through them, also there is a way top look online their record and complains against scecific workers. Good luck keep us posted Are you looking for home daycares or center daycares?




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There is a WONDERFUL daycare downtown at St Lukes Methodist Church. I applied for a job and was hired there before but didn't continue employment. The staff is incredibly nice , wonderful enviroment and great schedules/curriculums for the kids! As a matter of a fact it was the first place I considered for my daughter. I loved it!!! And trust me I've worked at multiple daycares...its at the top of my list! Have you considered looking for a nanny or a sitter in your home? That might be an option also, sometimes they cost just as much as a daycare.

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