Seeking Comparison / Differences Info on Pampers Brand Diapers

Updated on July 01, 2007
K.H. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
11 answers

Does anyone know the difference between Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Baby Dry? I am a Huggies Mom. Just curious.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your assistance. I am going to try the Cruisers and see what results I get.

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answers from Orlando on

It used to be that cruisers stretched like Swaddlers and Baby Dry supposedly held more but did not stretch-but I found they leaked more and hated them. Now they do stretch like the others (they just started making them this way this year) so I'm guessing they are just supposed to hold more, but i really haven't seen a difference between the two and get whatever has the largest box...

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answers from Fort Myers on

I am a huge pampers cruisers and swaddlers fan. They are different from Baby dry in that cruisers are more elastic like and a tad softer. Also they do not have the sticky tape to secure the fit. Swaddlers and Cruisers have a stretchy material and stick a little like velcro.
I also have used Huggies on several occasions and prefer cruisers any day.
I hope this helps.



answers from Miami on

Ifound that the baby dry diapers were less absorbant then the Cruisers



answers from Lakeland on

I recommend pampers cruisers over Huggies. Huggies feel icky and get hard when they are full of urine. Pampers feel comfy and blow up like a balloon when they are full.



answers from Melbourne on

My son is now 27 months. He went from swaddlers to cruiser I tried baby dry but they were horrible. They leaked and didnt fit right. He is now in pull ups.



answers from Boca Raton on

I have used all diapers out there with my three kids and to each child a diff diaper would work. With my very last one I'm using the baby dry and they dont leak at all----- im happpy w/them. With my daughter I used cruisers b/c the babydry did use to leak w/her, but w/my first baby i only used pampers (it was 9 yrs ago so i dunno which pampers they had then) b/c huggies were horrrible!! name it, huggies supreme or huggies regular, they were horrible w/my first baby and even second. not w/my third but i still like babydry better than huggies brands.



answers from Miami on

My daughter used cruisers. I felt there is a better elastic on them. They are made to move with the active kids. She leaked thru the baby dry, which boasts absorbancy.



answers from Miami on

I was a Huggies mom...I used Huggies Supreme until my daughter fit a size 3...I tried Pampers Cruisers and was soo much more satisfied...the cruisers have alot of elasticity in the tabs and fit so much better i definetly recommend Pampers Cruisers



answers from Orlando on

I would not recommend the Pampers Baby Dry at all. They do not move with the baby and are notorious for leaking. As a mom of 4, I've tried several different diapers and have always gone back to Pamperes Cruisers.




answers from Gainesville on

I have tried both those Pampers versions and Huggies, and I prefer Huggies by far.



answers from Miami on

my 10 month old babyboy uses Pampers Cruisers... all other brands and types cant hold him through the night

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