Seeking Childcare for 8Mo. Old and 3Yr. Old

Updated on August 13, 2007
G.V. asks from Frisco, TX
4 answers

I am returning to work in the fall and am seeking childcare. I'm interested in a loving and caring environment as well as somewhere that is organized and/or has a daily schedule and curriculum... I live in McKinney but will be traveling to work in Frisco.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi G.,
I have an in-home daycare in McKinney. I will have an opening in Sept. I'm listed with the state and am CPR and first aid certified. I have referrances available. Please give me a call if you would like more information or to set up a visit.




answers from Dallas on

I am not sure if Primrose Schools in Plano are our of your way. But you have to go check them out. One is Primrose School of Forest Creek and the other is Primrose School of North Plano. One is located on Hedgcoxe and Coit and the other is Coit and Spring Creek. The family that owned the school on Hedgcoxe just bought the one on Coit and Spring Creek. They are a wonderful family, and run the best schools in Plano.

Let me know if you want the phone number,

Good Luck, and God Bless



answers from Dallas on

I live in McKinney and am listed with the State. Please feel free to call and we can talk about the details. ###-###-####





answers from Dallas on

Hi G.,
I have an inhome daycare but I am currently full. You can take a look at my website under are you currently looking for care and I have some people listed in the McKinney area that do daycare. On some, I have their location, ages they watch, prices and of course their contact phone numbers. I don't know most of them, some I have met, and some I've just spoken to on the phone...but I hope it helps. You can get my contact info. off of their and email directly and I will let you know of any other openings I hear about. Lisa Pitman is on there and she is currently full but I think she has a friend that has an opening so she may be someone to call. If you do set up an interview, I would love to know what you think. While I know everyone has different taste and they have to find the right person for them, I would like the list to be a good representation of quality inhome let me know:) Good luck! I hope you find a great match for your kiddos! A.

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