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Updated on June 21, 2010
T.H. asks from Allen, TX
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I was visiting family out of the country and I came across a small thrift store type of place that sold used clothes, toys and various items. The prices were very low and the proceeds went towards the town hospital. I purchased all sorts of new-like stuff, mostly toys. I am really hoping to find something in my area, which is Allen Texas. I would even be willing to travel aways as well. Does anyone know of a place. Thank you.

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I have some toys and clothes that I would like to get rid of and the prices would be low.


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I'd agree with the previous posters who suggested Kid to Kid in McKinney. That's not too far from you. They also have a location in Plano. I thought some of the stuff at Once Upon a Child was overpriced. In particular, I was surprised to find the Bumbo seats there costed more than brand new at the stores. There's also a store in Frisco called Cutie Patootie on Main and Teel that has good stuff. A lot of the clothes that I get from there are in new/like new condition. Also, I've found a few things on Craigslist. Good luck to you.



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I am sure you have gotten many responses about this store ... but have you tried Once Upon a Child? I know they have a location in Plano, Garland (around Town Center) & Mesquite. It's great!



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Hi T.!

If you live in Allen, girl where have you been??? Send me an email if at, if sounds like you need some support as well. (moral and emotional) We have 3 MOMS GROUPS here in the Allen area and I am the membership VP of the SE Allen group! Girl, we can get you hooked up to anything you would want for kids!!

There is Baby & Beyong, Kid to Kid, Peek-a-Boutique, Once upon a child, lots of second-hand stores here in Allen and locally! Not all the prices are great, and brand new clothes, but they do have some great sales!

Girl, get out of that house!! :)!!

G. B.



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I think you can google consignment around dallas and all the stores will pop up.



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Have you tried ACO Resale? They benefit Allen Community Outreach. Silver Threads in McKinney benefits Collin County Committee on Aging which does Meals on Wheels. There is also the Samaritan Inn thrift store in McKinney. Feel free to email me privately if you need directions to any of these.


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Try a site called GumdropSwap ( You can swap from anywhere in the US by sending the clothes your kids outgrow to this kids boutique in CT. An option if you want to get some value out of all the money you spent instead of flat out donating. As long your things are in good condition they don't turn down anything because of brand, size or season. They take everything unlike resale store like Once Upon a Child! They give you points to shop on the website and send the clothes that fit your kids. It's great if you don't have time, patience or know how to do consignment, Ebay, craigslist, tag sale, etc.



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In Allen, there is a general consignment store (not just kids stuff) on East McDermott, past the Greenville Ave light, on the left, just past Big Lots. Its on a corner. There is a street between Big Lots and this place so they are almost next door to each other.

In McKinney, there is a children's consignment shop (Kid to Kid, I thinkis the name) on the NE corner of ElDorado and Lake Forest but I'm not so sure its as cheap as the thrift store you visited.

There are often good deals at garage sales. Most people put their signs out very early on Saturday mornings. Some on Friday mornings. Get an early start, like by 8am and drive around the outskirts of neighborhoods. Haggling is acceptable at garage sales.

There is a Goodwill Thrift store in McKinney if you turn left on Redbud off Hwy 380 (about 1/2 mile east of 75). There is also the purple building on the left side of Hwy 380 (also called University) heading east from 75 about two miles. Alittle further from the purple bldg, turn right on Hwy 5 and there is another thrift store in the red CocaCola complex just about a mile down on your right.



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Well, generally there are thrift stores (Good Will, Salvation Army, etc.) in most towns. I would say that the condition of the toys and clothes are not in new-like condition, though. There are however some good consignment stores around which have new, like-new and used items. In Allen, the only one I know of is Kid to Kid and it's on Custer. In Plano, one of the best in the area is Once Upon a Child. They have a lot of stuff- though their prices aren't necessarily the best and sometimes it seems they have so much stuff that it's overwhelming. I would look up those two places on the internet or look up "thrift store allen" or something for those places.

Hope this helps!

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