Seeking Balloonist And/or Face Painter for My Lil Girl's Birthday Party

Updated on July 28, 2011
A.B. asks from San Diego, CA
6 answers

Hi I live in East Plano and was wondering if anyone knows of a balloonist and/or face painter. The party will be about 2 hours on April 12th.


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answers from Dallas on

Check out Stretch the Balloon Dude. He's amazing!


answers from Dallas on

I know it's been a few years since you posted this! But let me know if you ever need a face painter for future events! I have a number of friends that are close to Plano! [email protected]



answers from Salt Lake City on

My wife is a face painter, here's her blog. we have family in Dallis and I work for an airline so I can fly her out there for the party, she typically charges around $50 per hour. she face painted for Six Flags out of high school, and has done many parties (corporate and private) and loves face painting for kid's parties. here's her blog:



answers from Dallas on

I don't do either of those but I do offer ready to stuff animals for children's parties. Everything is shipped directly to your door. If you are interested in it visit



answers from Dallas on They are not pricey and they are awesome. I use them all the time.

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