Seeking Baby Friends for Daughter & Mommy Friends for Me

Updated on February 28, 2007
D.C. asks from Palatine, IL
6 answers

I'm interested in finding other moms my age (25) who have babies around 9 months old, for playgroups/outings/general socializing in the Palatine area (within 10 miles or so). Husbands are welcome, too, as my husband could use some daddy friends. My husband & I are into music, movies, boardgames, concerts, and of course, all things baby. If you live locally & are interested in hanging out, send me a message. Thanks!

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answers from Portland on

LOL, I just put out a request for more mommies! I am 28, and have a 14 month old son, we are looking for some more moms to hang out with as well, as I am the youngest in my group. We liv ein Wheeling, and it is a straight shot for us to Palatine. I am very interested, let me know...thanks



answers from Chicago on

Hi I am part of a great moms group, Mom-2-Mom, but we are in Mchenry County which isn't all that close to Palatine. But I would recommend looking in to, I believe there is a Palatine one. You could also look into churches or yahoo groups, sometimes you can find a group to fit your needs!

Hope you find something in your neck of the woods.



answers from Chicago on

Hello! I am 25 years old also and have a 5 month old son. I am in Mundelein (not too far from Palatine) and would love to get together! I am not for the huge mom playgroups that they have on the internet - I would rather get together in small groups. The one group I am in now is just a handful of girls and their babies that I met in my prenatal yoga group. We get together like once a month and all the girls are our age and so nice! I have been trying, too, like you said to get the hubbies together also because I think that would be cool to have a group of friends with things in common. Message me if you want to get together!



answers from Chicago on

I have a 18 mos old little girl and also have had rotten luck finding playgroups, esp that I work full time.

I live in Des Plaines, near Glenview area and Palatine is not far at all. Anyone interested in getting together on weekends please let me know! Thanks, moms!



answers from Chicago on

I'm in! I'm 25 also, living in Palatine, with a two year old son. I don't have many mommy friends! Young moms are also harder to find. I tried a while ago to put together a Mamasource playgroup and it didn't work(I was really bummed!)-maybe because it wasn't very structured.

Please feel free to give me a call.

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