Seeking Baby Food Grinder in Springfield MO

Updated on April 06, 2008
R.W. asks from Springfield, MO
4 answers

I hope someone out there knows where to buy a baby food grinder. We are expecting our first two grandchildren this year. I've been told they are not being made any longer from a friend who couldn't find one.

Does anyone know where they are sold?

Thanks, R.

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answers from Springfield on

They were at Toys R Us but that was a year ago. You could try calling. Have you tried use kids clothing stores? Good luck.
D. mom of 9

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answers from Springfield on

R., congrats on the grandbabies! I purchased baby food grinders for my 2 grandbabies at Baby News here in Springfield.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Hello R.,

I live outside of Springfield and expecting my second child. When my first was eating baby food I tried to look for a food grinder. I didn't have any luck. When I started to make my new baby registry I saw one on Type food mill into the search. I believe there are two different ones. I don't know if they sell them at our Toys R Us though. Enjoy your new grandbabies!!

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answers from Springfield on

I did a quick Google search and Target came up as carrying them. Another alternative is to use a regular food mill such as a Foley or a blender with the mini jars (if you can find them). Baby food grinders are out there. Good luck and congratulations!


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