Seeking an Orthopedic Doc That Specializes in Shoulder Injuries

Updated on August 17, 2009
A.N. asks from Emeryville, CA
6 answers

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Bay Area and I am in need of an orthopedic specialist for a partially torn supraspinatus tendon (that is a rotator cuff muscle). I did this back in mid-July and I am still in pain. Does anyone have any good recommendations in the Emeryville/surrounding area?


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I just had the surgery performed 3 weeks ago by dr eppley in berkeley, hes terrific. The surgery was a success and id refer any and everyone to him. Hes good. He made sure i had the least pain afterwards and now i will begin my physial therapy next week



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I highly recommend Dr. Steven Isono. He is located at 5915B Hollis Street in Emmeryville. The phone # is ###-###-#### and the website is

Besides working a home-based business I am also a physical therapist. When I worked in the East Bay I saw several of Dr. Isono's patients and they always did well in their rehab. I feel he would be your best choice.

Good luck with your recovery from your rotator cuff tear!
Take care, C.

C. B Palmer



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Neighborhood: Pacific Heights
3000 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


Dr. Eugene Wolf was my mom's second opinion. Her first orthopedic doctor diagnosed her condition as "irrepairable rotator cuff tear in both shoulders". Dr. Wolf said he's seen hundreds of cases worse than hers and can fix it. He did what he promised and she is as good as new now. He saved my mom.



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Steven Isono is good -- he assisted Warren Strudwick on my first shoulder repair -- I have seen Robert Epply as well - but my favorite shoulder guy is Kirk Jensen in Lafayette -- well worth the drive -- I did a lot of research, and actually had consultations with a total of 3 surgeosn before I decided that Dr. Jensen would be the one to repair my other shoulder -- when the time comes...I found that even though I have quite a tear, my physical therapist was instrumental in teaching me exercises which not only alleviated the pain, but allowed me to function well without resorting to surgery. I would recommend a physical therapy evaluation and treatment first - and see if you can avoid surgery....



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Dr. Bell is great! He has all up to date & advance tech. and specializes in these type of injuries. 1-###-###-####

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