Seeking an Interior Designer Who Can Help Us Make Our New Home Beautiful Cheaply

Updated on April 22, 2008
J.W. asks from Stow, OH
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We just moved to a new home and I'm looking for an interior designer who will work with me to help us decorate our new home.I've been combing home interior decorating websites/magazines, but then I get in a store with lots of accessories and can't seem to put them together to work in our home. I'm a pretty creative person but when it comes to decorating my creativity seems to leave me! LOL My parents used a designer once who would make suggestions and utilize as much of your own home furnishings as she could and then would recommend some pieces or accessories to buy and let you choose what your budget would let you afford w/o any pressure or commitment required. Does anyone know of anyone in the Stow, Ohio area that operates that way? We don't have a ton of money to spend, but this will be our home for years to come and we want to make it someplace we love living! Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Hey everyone, thanks for all the great referrals and advice. I had so many designers' names I actually ended up talking with several. We actually ended up settling on a designer that Beth A. recommended. (THANK YOU BETH!!!) Her name is Karen, and she is terrific. Her fee is very reasonable,she has great ideas and is so down to earth. I knew the minute I met with her she was going to do an amazing job and she has. In a couple days time I took the advice she gave me in a 1 and a half hour consultation and have performed small miracles on my downstairs with very little cost. I love the fact that she can give me ideas and then I can go shop, or if I get stuck she'll come shopping with me and help me to pick out the perfect things. We are just getting started, but it is so much fun. I would recommend her highly! Thanks to all of you, my new house is really feeling like the beautiful new home we've always dreamed of!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources. Have a great day all.

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Hi J..

You might want to contact Christine Haught You should be able to find her contact info on her website. She is in the same Preschool Mom's Club that I am. I know that she has offered to do a consultation with others, she may be up for the same for you. She is based out of Akron.

Hope this helps.



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my friend Shannon is an interior designer and is looking to freelance for people -it would be worth it if you give her a call ###-###-####. She works in a design center. Tell her M. recommended you. Good luck.



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Our past nanny is an interior designer, in fact, left us 2 years ago to pursue her career. But I know she still takes jobs on the side. Karen designed our entire kitchen remodel (Measured for new cabinets, chose colors, etc.) and we LOVED it and still do love it! I recommend her whole heartedly!

Here is her email:

I mentioned this posting to her, so she will be looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested. She used to live in Stow, but recently purchased a home in Kent, so she is very nearby!



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Kim lives in Stow and she is absolutely wonderful. I've used her twice for myself, once for my dad and my friend also used her. She is very personable and affordable.

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