Seeking Alternative Treatment of Acid Relfux Disease

Updated on November 13, 2008
A.G. asks from Brookfield, IL
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I am new to this whole acid reflux thing. I also so not have the stereo typical symptoms of heartburn, which is why it was sucha shock to me that I have had this for apparently a long time. Anyhow, I was wondering if there were any of you out there that have sought alternative treatment for this condition in leiu of meds., or in addition to them? Has anyone tried or even heard of the "apple cure"? Do any of you have this without the stero typical symptoms, and if so, how do you know when your condition is acting up? I have terrible, possible permanent damage to my esophagus from this, and I am scared to death that without the typical symptoms, I am going to go in for my next endoscopy in two years and have cancer. My doctor really wasn't clear on things to me, I have tons of sinus allergy issues, would could have been this, or not, so I just never know when I should be calling him, other than if I start experiencing heart burn, touble swallowing, or passing blood. Also, have any of you been on protonix, or other proton pump inhibators for extended periods of time? Thanks for listening.

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answers from Chicago on

I invite you to my office to discuss more options:

Things to avoid include:
- Foods which contribute to heartburn: chocolate, coffee, peppermint, high-fat or spicy foods, food containing tomatoes, alcohol, citrus fruit / juices.
- Tobacco. Smoking may increase stomach acid production and weaken the 'LES', which causes reflux.
- Lying down after eating: It is advisable to wait at least two hours before lying down after eating, so the evening meal should be eaten two hours before going to bed.
- Tight clothing This can make digestion difficult
-avoid caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, fatty meals
-Do not smoke

· Things which can help include:
- Raising the head while sleeping. Much of the damage done by GERD takes places at night. If the head is raised, the stomach acids cannot rise up the esophagus so easily and so they have less chance to make it inflamed. One option is to sit the legs at the head end of the bed on a plank of wood, propped up by pieces of wood to about six inches off the floor. Obviously, it is important the structure is stable.
- Because GERD can be made more severe by food intolerance or allergies, it may be worth considering food allergy testing.

§ Aloe Vera and Flaxseed
§ Acupressure
§ Hiatal hernia adjustment by a chiropractor
§ Adjustment to the upper cervical spine levels and Thoracic T-1-4 levels which are associated with the levels of the spine/nerves that control digestion
§ Eat smaller meals more often

For more info email or contact Dr. Alexis ###-###-####

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answers from Chicago on

Symptoms of heartburn can often be a manifestation of fearful thoughts. If you are a worrier or have a habit of 'thinking too much' this changes your body chemistry. Chronic sinus symptoms are also typical of this habit. The fight or flight response causes a release of stress hormones including adrenaline which impact your immune system.
Find ways of interrupting your thought patterns like daily self-hypnosis or meditation. Also you might try EFT. It involves learning a 2 minute sequence that works like acupuncture.
I was able to let go of my habit of worrying and 30+ years of allergies and sinus infections with self-hypnosis.

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answers from Chicago on

Ah, yes, this sounds all too familiar to me. I had acid-reflux due to H-pylori (ugly thing-did they rule that out?) it took 2 years to get that diagnosis. I was always told I had ulcers (and I was 27 at the time). I too also had bad allergies and bad migraines. Everytime I had a migraine, acid reflux would flare up. I did all the stuff that was suggested for GERD, raised my head, avoided chocolate, tomatoes, etc...I finally sought out an NMD. First of all dairy is a MAJOR issue in sinus issues and allergies. It causes mucus build-up and can cause more inflammation in the stomach and digestive track. Many people drink milk to ease the symptoms when in fact it is acidic to the body. Please get rid of dairy in your diet and switch to rice milk. Soy milk is also very acidic and can cause major bloating in the digestive track. Second issue may be gluten which also causes inflammation, however, I would need to know more about your history and how your body is working to fully assess your issues. Third, cancer loves and trives on sugar, all kinds of sugar, lactose, fructose, aspartame, splenda, HFCS, white sugar, honey, etc. It needs sugar to live in the body. Try to eliminate as much as you can out of your diet. Also not good to eat with acid-reflux

In Chinese Medicine, the head and stomach are on the same chi there is an association with your sinues/nasal cavity and your acid-reflux issues (mine was migraines and acid-reflux)

My NMD if you are interested in seeing her is fabuluous, but has a 6m waiting list, but well worth the wait at I also do nutritional wellness consultations.

I hope you are able to resolve your issues. Nutrition and supplements along with some EFT or any other form of alternative medicine will be very healing for you. Feel free to reply back if you would like to talk more.

Wellness Educator/Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant

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answers from Chicago on

A couple of questions. Are you nursing? Could you tell me more about your symptoms?

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answers from Chicago on

A.-all of these are great suggestions and they work great. One other thing I would suggest is getting on a really good probiotic and pH drops in your water!! The more you alkalize your body the bettter. also lime and lemon are great for correct acid stomachs. Actually acid reflux is the body's way of telling you there is too much processed food and medicine you are taking. The digestive system can not handle it.

Many times it is food intolerance. Start slowly. you can also ph balance your water with baking soda but it does not taste very well but will give you immediate relief, usually in 10 minutes or less.

Detox Coach

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answers from Chicago on

This may sound strange but Apple Cider Vinegar works for acid reflux! It actually makes your body more alkeleine but I can't remember why. My dad had Acid Reflux. He did a lot of research online and then tried taking I think it was just a couple teaspoons or tablespoons (can't remember exactly) of apple cider vinegar in his water in the morning and at night and it was totally cured! Red delicious apples are helpful too. My dad said for most people, apple cider vinegar will work, but if it doesn't, then honey will usually work for those people. Apple cider vinegar has other health benefits too, including being good for allergies and sinus infections! I would suggest you do a little research on it and buy a good quality organic ACV. My dad used Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Good luck!

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