Seeking Alternative Medicine Doctor/Practitioner

Updated on April 10, 2008
D.S. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

I've lost faith in all G/P's and medical doctor's. Does anyone know of a good Alternative Medicine doctor/practitioner/healer? Thanks!

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answers from Austin on

We like Central Family Practice and Dr Trester.
They have an acupuncturist and naturopathic doc on staff as well as MDs and RNs
K., mama to
Catherine, 4y
Samuel, 15m

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I want to tell you about the health practitioner that I have come to love and trust. Her name is Barbara Christman and she is a Physician's Assistant, focusing on women's health. I've considered her my "Doctor" for the past 10 years. She provides all the services of a doctor essentially, with the added bonus of being "health oriented" rather than sickness diagnosing. Her approach is very holistic and gentle; she has taught me to manage my health rather than just treat sickness. One of my favorite things about Barbara is that she has her practice in a cottage/office on her property in Near South Austin (Zilker Park Area) and it's a peaceful welcoming environment. Not a sterile office building full of sick air and bright lights. She is my partner is staying healthy. I admire and respect her immensely and am proud to recommend her.

Barbara Christman
1715 Norris

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I've been seeing Dr. Ron Manzanero for several years now for my thyroid issues. He is much more open minded than any Endocrinologist I saw in Austin. He is an M.D. but I would say he practices from a much more wholistic/complimentary viewpoint. He's the only doctor I know that will do your blood pressure reading (instead of a nurse) & his visits are very thorough (sometimes about an hour-instead of the 15 minutes you get with regular docs). The only bummer is that he does not take insurance. But his office will give you the paperwork you need to file yourself.

911 W. 38th. St., Ste. 200T
Austin, TX 78705

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Hi D.,

My name is J. McDowell, I have been helping people heal their own bodies for 14 years now. I am an iridologist, herb specialist. I saved my own life and have helped many many others learn how to properly take care of their own bodies. I am putting classes together her in Austin to teach this healing to all those interested in learning. It would be my pleasure to help you learn this, so you can take total control of your own life. that is my website. If you are interested in my help please contact me at the email address on the home page of the website.


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I've always think that asking a nurse to refer you or if she can recomend a doctor. Nurse, work with doctor side by side every day. They pretty much know them very well, how knowledgeable they are and their personality.

Our homework, is to keep track of how much time they spend with you. When you ask question, watch if they are in a hurry to answer and get out the door. Pay attention, when you try to explain something and they are ready to get out the door. Avoid seeing this type of doctors.

Sometimes, you go to see a doctor and they are running behind schedule, if they are running 30 minutes behind you should know that they won't spend a lot of time with you. Call from home before you head down to the doctor's office and find out whether they are running behind their schedule and find out how behind are they, find out how many minutes behind...etc.

For your info, you know how doctor wants to be God. God said, "I don't ever want to be a doctor and no need to."

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