Seeking Advise on Ideas for Carrying Liquids Along with Other Baby Needs

Updated on October 04, 2008
J.M. asks from Whittier, CA
6 answers

I'm sure we all have the same problem but does anyone found a solution to carrying all your baby needs in one bag? Formula, water, juices baby food? How do you do it? what kind of bags do you use, what brand? Just trying to make my life a little easier? Thanks! Peace & Love!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I never found a diaper bag that carried everything I, for days out to places like the zoo, park or even mall I'd use my Adidas Backpack that I used to use for hiking, as it was insulated and had bottle holders on the side. I carried what I needed...diapers, wipers, one bottle with milk/juice, snack, change of clothes and toy/book. Otherwise, if it's short trip to the store or meal out, I simply carry what I need in a tote type bag (purse) that has great pockets inside and was actually supposed to be a beach bag!

In my car, to this day, I keep an emergency change of clothes, diapers, wipes and a cooler that I use for longer trips away from home...zoo, park, beach, etc.

Not sure how old your little girl is, but I know when my son was born until recently (he's 2) I used to carry everything including the kitchen sink and at some point I realized I could start leaving things at home...I love the suggestions of searching for a diaper bag backpack...they are great!



answers from Las Vegas on

Keep an emergency pack in the car with diapers, wipes, instant or powder formula, a snack, bottled water, a blanket, and a onesie to change into if she gets dirty. Keep it all in a tupperware container.

Just remember to switch out diapers when she changes sizes.
And....remember to be careful of what food/formula that you keep in this heat.



answers from Los Angeles on

I really like these bags, they are huge and fit everything and the kitchen sink.

Yes, its expensive, but, they are really nice. I don't personally own one but one of my daycare kids brings one and if my kids were a little younger....



answers from Los Angeles on

I keep a diaper bag with all the baby necessities. Plus carry a big purse to keep the spur of the moment needs like wipes & toy. I keep a little playmate cooler in my car to keep snacks, water, juice, and milk cold. works great and makes it easy to be gone from home an entire day



answers from Los Angeles on

We actually had a back pack designed for baby items that we would take on our outings. Much easier than juggling a diaper bag. It had tons of pockets(some insulated), zippers, outside pouches ,a changing pad, etc. for storing everything we needed. google "baby diaper backpack" and you'll find some. I don't remember the brand unfortuanetly.



answers from Honolulu on

Some Moms like to use the kinds of things you can strap around your waist... thereby lessening the heaviness of what you carry on your shoulders.

Also instead of "diaper bags" per say.... what can be used, are those products made for hiking or running. If you use the search words "running packs" on, many will show up... and there are bottle holders built in too, and the main pouch area. These things holds a lot. It's real handy. I've used these too.

For me, I used waist packs... and if carrying a bag too.. I only carried what I needed but in my "purse" tote sized bag... I took a minimalist approach. Just diapers/wipes/bottle/cheerios/extra outfit in case of soiling/accidents.

Hope this helps,

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