Seeking Advise for a Birthday Party in the Milwaukee Area

Updated on April 19, 2009
C.J. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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I need a place that would offer/provide something fun to do and a cake for a birthday party for my daughter. I would make and hold a party at home BUT my problem is that my daughter is 39 years old & handicapped(mentality of a 5 year old). To her it's not a party unless there are other people, a cake and someone singing happy birthday. Our family has dwindled so that there is only Mom, Dad, daughter and maybe one friend. 4 people with a cake made by Mom doesn't measure up to my daughter's idea of a birthday party anymore. That's why I'm looking for someplace to go that will provide that.

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So What Happened?

To all who responded to my request for suggestions for a birthday party for my adult handicapped daughter a very big THANK YOU! I received several very nice suggestions, one of which I will be using for this year's birthday and the others I will keep in mind for future use.

Thanks to everyone, once again!

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Bellas Fat cat in Bay View has a private party room. It is an ice cream place, so I am not sure if they could provide a cake, but you could see. I know they have package plans, where you can get however many hot dogs or bugers or sandwiches or whatever for a set price. The room is large, so 4 people would certainly be ok. You can also decorate the room. They aren't any real activities provided but you could set up a game of you own. Good luck, you sound like a very devoted mother.

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Hi C., You might want to scout Organpiper Pizza. It's on Hwy 100 (I think it may be considered Hales Corners...) We had our daughter's 10th bday there a few years ago. It's very casual--pizza that you pick up when your number is called, pitchers of beer and soda. What's fun is the live pipe organ and lots of mechanized doodads around the room that move to the music. They call the birthday girl up for a song. So, even if your party is small, the mood is very festive. There's a small arcade in the building. We also stopped at the budget theater next door for a cheap movie beforehand.
Being a Bay Viewer, I have to agree with the pp's recommendation of Bella's Fat Cat, too. I've been to many parties there and the staff has always been really nice and welcoming. And, who doesn't like a custard sundae bar??!!!
Whatever you choose- wish the birthday girl a happy one for me :)

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Hi -
What about your local YMCA? They have party rooms. You could reserve it, and invite some of her and your friends, have fun in a gym playing games, possibly swimming. What about a restaurant during a quiet time? Jose's on Bluemound is nice if you like mexican, Chile's is very family friendly, or maybe the Pancake house on Bluemound Road? If her birthday is during the summer, how about a barbeque in a park?

Good Luck!

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