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Updated on August 11, 2009
W.R. asks from Houston, TX
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Hi moms!
I live in Houston and am looking to purchase a non expensive Sheltie, any advice where to look? I have two animals that are rescue animals and do not want to purchase anything or support a puppy mill! We are now seeking a Sheltie and are not having any luck!!! Any pointers would be great.

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answers from Houston on is a good website. They work with some rescue groups.



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Try You can search the pet ads or place a Wanted ad yourself. Just be careful about anyone offering to ship a pet to you. That would be a scam. They don't allow "sales" of pets, but some people will put a high rehoming fee. You can also check at Citizens for Animal Protection on I-10 at Dairy Ashford or Special Pals at Clay and Greenhouse Rd. Good luck!



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I think the breeders associated with the American Kennel Club should be legitate breeders and not mills. Like you, I would not want to risk supporting a puppy mill!

Looking at the AKC site, I saw this link: It's the American Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Association. It looks like there is a breeder in Richmond and another in Spring Branch. They may have puppies, or may be able to advise you.

That site also had a place to click on Rescue, and on the Rescue portion there was the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary. They might also have some valuable information and know of Shelties who need a home, and it would be much less on an investment than a puppy from a breeder. I know a pure bred Schipperke who came through a rescue group and is a loved and loving member of a household.

Good luck in your puppy search!
"Happiness is a warm puppy" - Charles Schultz (said by Charlie Brown)



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You may want to contact the animal shelters in town and ask them if they work with rescue groups. These groups usually work with one specific breed and they are rescued from all sorts of situations. The animal shelter that my husband works for will from time to time call a rescue group when they see an animal that can be rescued that needs more help and attention that animal shelters can give.
Best of luck with your search and best wishes!



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Please, please check your local Humane Society, SPCA, Special Pals, etc. first! They often get surrenders of all breeds. Also, there are breed rescues (I work with the Italian Greyhound rescue, and my neighbor with the Mastiff rescue). If you just google something like Sheltie Rescue and the name of your city/state, you should find one without any trouble!

People don't realize they can get a favorite breed AND help the homeless pet population! Good luck and good for you in not supporting puppy mills! I have fostered several rescued mill dogs and your heart would break at what they have been through.

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