Seeking Advice on Son's Allergies

Updated on November 04, 2008
S.P. asks from Katy, TX
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My 5 year old son had the stick allergy test done this week and they determined that he was allergic to most grasses, molds, weeds, dogs, cats, AND house hold dust mites!!! Of course he is a very active boy and plays both soccer and flag football right now so he is always outside in the grass. We also have two dogs. My main concern is the house hold dust mites since it was ranked the most severe. My question is how have you or someone you know protected a child against house hold dust mites?? Especially what have you used to cover bed mattress/ pillows and what is the best type of air filter for the house??

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answers from Tulsa on

just some suggestions from an allergy family. My nephew had the 700 prick test and came back severe on over 600 items. He was sick for a week from the test. Here is what they and we have done in our homes and it has helped. My son has gone from weekly allergy shots and antihistamine to just antihistamines during flare ups. We have taken out all carpet and drapes. Lived on concrete and plywood decking until we could afford something else. Remove all drapes/curtains/sheers. solid shades are best as they are the easiest to was keep clean. Every time he comes in from being outside/playing or at practice. Have him jump in the shower , this will get the pollen/dust etc off of him and out of his hair. Was his clothes immediately. (it certainly keeps you busy with the laundry lol). vacum/sweep frequently. You can get matteress and pillow covers for allergies at any bedding store. Hepa filter room filters help, my nephews was so severe their health insurance paid for half of all of the air filters and paid for their rainbow vacum cleaner!. A small reward compared to what my nephew goes thru every year. Good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I myself have very severe allergies and my son was tested a few months ago and apparently I gave him all of mine. He is only 2 and is on meds and allergy shots once a week. I too take allergy shots once a week. So enough with the background... As far as the bed goes if your son is still in a toddler bed using a crib mattress chances are that it is already covered with plastic...if not and he has a regular mattress then you can buy covers for them that just zip around the mattress..similar to the covers you buy in case they wet the bed. I have one on my queen size bed that we purchased at Wal-Mart. I am not sure if they carry ones for crib size mattresses though, you may have to order one from online. You can also buy pillow covers that reduce allergens in pillows and you can just remove them and wash them in hot water. Did the place that did the allergy testing have you watch a video or give you any info. on this stuff? We had to is why I am asking and they gave me a bag full of information about all the things you can do to reduce allergens in the house. Also wash his bedding once a week in hot water. Try to get rid of stuffed animals because they just harbor those mites or at least don't let him sleep with them. I personally don't have an air filter so I am no help there. If you have more questions just email me.



answers from Jonesboro on

My 3 children and I have allergies so I can understand how your feeling. I have enclosed bedding and pillows. Remove teddy bears from his bed a wash. Make sure you wash all of his bed covers in hot water weekly, this will help him sleep better. I use something like ALL allergen and fragrance free or Arm & Hammer fragrance free to wash with. The most important key is keeping his bedroom free of allergens as much as possible. If you keep your pets make sure they stay outside and have your son shower after playing with them.
It is also better to get rid of carpet, ecspecially in the bedroom.
Good luck !!




answers from New Orleans on


On a scale of 1 - 4, my dustmite allergy is a 6+! Yes, I have wondered if this possible. Then I found out that my mom already knew, I was pretty angry because I remember the allergy attacks I'd have after my dusting chores when I was a kid -I thought I was allergic to Mr. Clean!

It is so labor intensive (and expensive)to try and protect yourself that I frequently give up. Dustmites are everywhere. I'm not supposed to vacuum or dust or even be in the house when it's being done and my bedding is supposed to be washed in a dustmite pesticide every week ~yeah, OK. Oh, and I'm supposed to wear a mask over my nose and mouth all the time.

Now I'll try to be productive, this is what I actually do:
1. Temperpedic mattress -doesn't allow dustmite growth.
2. Pillow case cover for allergy (seal the zippers with tape).
3. Weekly washing of bedding (no pesticide, just hot water).
4. No carpet, no curtains (I cheat in the living room).
5. Washable toys (allergy stores have washable stuffed animals, and the freezer thing works too).
6. Vacuum almost daily, HEPA filter.
7. OMG! no ceiling fans on!

Also, my daughter uses a homeopathic allergy pill for grasses that REALLY works, and it is supposed to actually encourage immunity (we've seen a decline in her attacks each year) It's "bioAllers". They have one for dust, but it's coupled with yeast, and I kept getting yeast infections (yes, I can see the humor here, so laugh without guilt). I'm pretty sure they have an "indoor" and an "outdoor" we use the outdoor for my daughter - it REALLY works.

Things I have tried with success:
1. "I can breathe" silk allergy mask (allergy store, online) -this is the most comfortable -even if he just sleeps with it.
2. Air filter in bedroom.

I no longer have "allergy attacks". My nose has finally gotten to where it does not run, but it is inflamed all of the time, and it bleeds easily (I think this is called chronic rhinitus). My ears are always clogged. Being allergic to dust is like being allergic to air. I've learned to just ignore it most of the time, but it does take a toll on your energy level (which makes dust removal more difficult).

Good luck, and cross your fingers that he marries a neat freak!



answers from Oklahoma City on

The best air purifier I know of and have a couple myself is the Air Source 3000. It is absolutely worth every penny it costs for the improvement in quality of life in our home - removes way more than dust mites (found not only in bedding, but curtains, carpeting, and stuffed furniture - for example, it also kills mold! I also have six dogs and one cat - no problem with pet dander either. Read about it at:

If you have any questions, email me directly at I will be able to walk you through how to get one for even less if you are interested.




answers from Huntsville on

I don't have any experience with child allergies, but I was recently found to be allergic to dust mites. I bought an allergy cover for my mattress and also for our pillows. Then we got a down comforter that is good for allergies and a duvet cover that you can remove & wash (instead of washing the whole comforter all the time). The pillow/mattress covers only have to be washed once a year, but you are supposed to wash the bedding at least every other week. We got these things at Wal Mart & Target. If your son has at least a twin size bed, you should be able to find these things in that size.

I was also told to have a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. I had actually purchased a nice Kenmore vacuum like a week before my allergy testing that does have a HEPA filter, so I was glad! haha

It also said to replace carpet with hardwood flooring and furniture with all leather!! LOL Yeah right!! (We rent our house).

Blinds & curtains in the window can also collect dust. I didn't bother with this step because our rental house already had blinds put up. I believe there are certain types of blinds & curtains that are better for allergies, but I can't remember the details.

They also said not to run a ceiling fan in the bedroom, as it stirs up dust.

That's all I can remember about it. I hope it helps!! My allergy isn't too bad, so I am not very good at keeping up with everything above :)



answers from Fort Smith on

My brother and both of his children had severe allergies. They had to remove a gas heater as well as the carpets from their home. Soon after, my brothers problems quit and the children seemed to be doing much better. They now heat with wood and live in the country.

As for a filter system, they borrowed my Rainbow for a little while. The system could run for hours and it helped the childrens breathing problems.

That was 2 years ago and now, you would never know that any of them had allergies. Both children are active in sports and are healthy. They seldom seem to get sick now.

I hope that this helps you at least a little.
Best wishes and you will be in my prayers.


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