Seeking Advice on Sleep Issues and GERD

Updated on September 11, 2008
K.S. asks from Placentia, CA
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Hi ladies,
I am having trouble with my 5 mo. little guy. He is on medication for acid reflux which I am told takes away the acid, but not the liquid. He is not sleeping more than an hour at night without me having to go in and hold him, rock him back to sleep or feed him. I put him to bed awake. I also have his mattress slightly elevated. I want to comfort him, but I am going crazy. Any advice?

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So What Happened?

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those of you who responded to my request. I got a few new ideas. I should have mentioned that I am breast feeding in my initial post. (What sleep deprivation does to your brain!) Anyway, I would like to continue, so the advice about limiting my veggies was new info to me. Of course I have been eating a lot in the hopes that he likes veggies when he gets older. ") I have put myself on Rice Dream instead of milk, which isn't too bad actually. I also got a new vitamin to try from Evelyn G. If I decide to switch to formula I will use the ones you suggested. Hopefully, these small things will make a difference. I will let you know.

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Sorry this is coming so late! but...
Infant reflux is you baby's way of saying he needs help. If nursing, remove offensive foods like dairy, sugar, caffeine, onions, garlic, broccoli, beans until you finds which one(s) are affecting baby. For me, it was dairy. Also, go to your healthfood store to buy infant probiotics (good intestinal bacteria). I gave that to my son and still do (he's 3). It works like a charm. What ever you do, please do not give the baby protonix or acid reducers, this may lessen the problem but will definitely not fix the cause and may lead to more problems down the road.

In Good Health,
Dr. Mom



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My 9 mo old suffers from it too, but we don't have to use medicine. I took my son to a ped. GI dr. I would recommend that you make an appointment with a pediatric GI dr in your area and ask them about using special formulas if your not nursing; such as Enfamil Nutramigen--this formula is expensive but has worked wonders for my son. Good luck and Hang in there!



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My litte one came home from the hospital with GERD. He had so much trouble he would stop breathing, came home hooked up to a monitor. Once we switched him to Lactose free formula. I tried every one of them and the one that worked was Enfamil (in the green can) I think. He's now 8.5 and still has some trouble with gas, but only when he eats what he wants. :)
If breast-feeding look to see what you are eating, drinking and try to limit veggies and milk products.
Just my two cents worth.



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Oh I feel for you. My Daughter went through the same thing. I felt like I didn't even get to know her until she started getting over the GERD. The good news is that it usually just goes away eventually. Until then just keep him away from all things vegetable or acidy. (If you've started solids, or are breastfeeding)That is why I switched to formula with her, anytime I ate anything besides chicken and simple carbs it would flare up.
Also if you are formula feeding him double check that he isn't lactose intollerant, because my Dauther was, on top of the GERD!
Once we changed her formula and got her medicine in her regularly it really made a huge difference.
Good luck and I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon.

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