Seeking Advice on Rights to Receive Madicaid for My Son with Cerebral Palsy.

Updated on October 04, 2006
W.R. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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I just received a letter from my case worker stating that my son Jonathan will not have any health coverage beginning Oct. 10th. I am very worried because we can't afford any health insurance. My son was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we need a lot of medical attention. According to my case worker my husband makes to much money, but he hasn't even been working for the past month and I'm a stay home mom. I need to know what can I do to keep the madicaid for my son?

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So What Happened?

I called my case worker and she also told me about mychild health services and about aplying for social security. I went ahead and applied for mychild and I found out today that he did qualify. He is covered for a year. I will apply for social security also because if he qualifies for that then he automatically qualifies for medicaid. I want to make sure that in a year I won't have to worry about this all over again.Thanks for all of you that gave me advice.

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I dont have an answer for you but cant you show proof that your husband has not worked in the last month and qualify that way? What city do you live in? What kind of work does your husband do? If he is self employed their has to be a program for you.....

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Tell your case worker that if you do not qualify for the free Healthy Kids medicaid program, then you want an application for the MIChild program, where the state of Michigan offers insurance for ALL kids who need insurance, yet do not qualify for Medicaid due to income. though there may be a small premium for use of this service, that is based on income, and shouldn't be very much. You will probably have to go through your caseworker since you already recieve Healthy Kids Medicaid...but for more info, you can call MIChild at 1-888-988-6300.

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I would recommend contacting Children's Special Health Care Services for the state of Michigan. My son has a heart condition and they will cover all the expenses (including deductables) not covered by my insurance. If you don't have insurance I believe it coveres everything. The woman who handles Ottawa county is named Mary and is very nice. Hope this helps.

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If the other advice does not work I would do an internet search at cerebral palsy support sites. Chances are if this is happening to you, your not the only one, and some one will have situation exact advice.
I'd also check or
these pages are local community directories to support chilren and families. If you don't find a direct resource email them and see if anything helps.

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