Seeking Advice on Pygmy Goats

Updated on August 02, 2009
D.J. asks from Chandler, AZ
4 answers

We have purchased a home on a half-acre lot which seems to be mostly fast-growing weeds. We are considering purchasing two pygmy goats as an alternative to the vast amount of yard work that our property seems to occasion, as well as to give our family exposure to farm animals. Does anyone have any advice? Has it worked, or not worked, for you? Did you find that they needed much diet supplementation? What can we expect in terms of extra costs, vet bills, housing needs, etc.? Any information or advice would be most welcome.

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answers from Tucson on

We have 4 pygmy/dwarf goats and love them. We are actually looking at getting more. They are easy to take care of and our moma is easy to milk. The kids (of the human variety) are getting use to the milk and enjoy playing and taking are of the goats. Our doe had no problems with kidding. Part of it depends on their lineage. If you are planning on breeding them, ask the people you get them from if their mother had difficulty with kidding.
As far as food, they won't need much supplemental food. We make sure that we give them sweet feed (you can find it at Walmart) because its a god treat for them. Once they have cleared your property you will have to give them hay, but they don't eat a whole lot. I highly reccommend little goats to anyone. We really have enjoyed them. Good luck!



answers from Tucson on

When we moved to our 5 acre property 10 years ago we thought the same thing. First of all, pygmy goats are NOISY. Second, yes they do need supplementation as far as food and housing. Third, they won't really eat your weeds. Goats are browsers that prefer vegetation up off the ground. Sheep are grazers who eat what's on the ground. Half an acre is not a lot to deal with in comparison to five - that's just a good size yard. Consider making a vegetable garden and having chickens instead. You will have a much better return on your investment and time.



answers from Phoenix on

Pygmy goats are a ton of fun, we have 10 goats mixed breeds. We currently do not have pygmys, but we have in the past. They need shade, need dewormed once a year(paste from feed store) feet trimmed, lots of water. They do have problems giving birth We have lost a few and that is why we do not have pygmys anymore. But they are awesome pets. Goats in general are fun no matter the breed. Good luck!!!!



answers from Flagstaff on

It sounds like you may live in the same area as my family and I do. :) One of our neighbors had 2 goats in their back yard,and it appeared as though it really worked for them. I'm not sure about all the extras, but their yard looked very nice. As a mom of a 2 year old with another one to arrive in September, as well as a full time preschool teacher for the last 7 years, I think it would be great for you 3 year old to see and be involved in as well. Good luck!

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