Seeking Advice on Pullups/training Pants

Updated on April 24, 2011
J.T. asks from Hamburg, NY
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Hi Moms! My daughter is almost three (in July) and has been daytime potty-trained for about three months. She's doing great!! She was even dry overnight for the last couple of months. She's in underpants all day with frequent trips to the potty, and I've been putting diapers on her overnight. She's recently started wetting overnight again, which I'm okay with - she's pretty little to be dry all night! Before we buy more diapers, I'm thinking of going the way of pull-ups. I've heard that Huggies have a tendancy to leak, so I'm looking for some advice as to what you think are the best pull-ups/overnight pants for a three year old. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

I just use diapers. My girl is 3 1/2 and still needs them. They're cheaper than pull-ups and work better for overnight.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Huggies OVERNIGHTS are awesome. My son pees more than I do and they didn't leak! Avoid Pull-ups--they are way too expensive and hold a LOT less than any diaper on the market.

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answers from New York on

Diapers are more absorbent, especially overnight diapers. Night pull ups are about the same as regular diapers. Goodnights, meant for larger kids that still need them at night are very absorbent. I put my son in those at night starting at age 3 since he is very big for his age and he outgrew the largest size diapers.

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answers from Honolulu on

Pull-ups type things, do not hold much, is NOT made for night time and leaks.
If you use pull-up type things for night.. it WILL leak.

Just use, regular diapers or night time diapers. MUCH better.

Night time dryness/nap time, is not something biologically attained, until even 7 years old. It has to do with their organ and brain development. It has nothing to do with daytime toileting. Different process all together.

AND get a waterproof bed pad, to put directly under her. I have several of them for my kids and I just rotate them out, if it gets soiled. The sheets don't get soiled that way and it is easy clean up.
I got mine from Amazon... about 6 years ago. They have many.

I do not like those pull-ups things.
Not for night time.
Only for daytime.

At night, an older child just biologically pees more in quantity. Thus leaks.
For me, I change my son (who is 4) 1 time a night, to prevent an overloaded swimming-pool diaper and leaking.
If not, it will leak. NO matter what diaper you use.
My son's diapers, are fully loaded, by morning with pee, and during naps. So, I change his night diaper, once a night.

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answers from New York on

Diapers are more absorbent, disposable training pants are not meant to hold a full pee. If she's not staying dry at night or getting up to pee and having to pull training pants up and down, there's no reason to buy them. Just diaper her. Less expensive, more absorbent. Go to some kind of training pants when she's getting up in the morning ready to take herself to the bathroom.



answers from San Francisco on

we've used Huggies pull-up and generic from Target Safeway and Lucky- for the price the generics have been great! My daughter is mostly dry at night so leaking has never been a problem for us.



answers from Atlanta on

I use Kroger and Target brands and we've never had issues. Not exactly proud of this, but my potty training toddler didn't wear his usual undies today because he had a special outfit for a family reunion. Well, of cpurse I was distracted all day as was his dad, and he basically wore the same pullup (Kroger brand) from 11 until 5:30 or so. It was SOAKED, but no leaks!



answers from Kansas City on

I found that pull ups were easier for night b/c my daughter would sometimes wake up and want to go herself, also when she woke up in the morning it was easier for her try too. I can't remember what brand of pull-up I used, but I only used them at night and didn't have a leak problem, I think I used Huggies, I think I also used the Target brand.


answers from Chicago on

we used Pamper's pull ups and they can hold a lot of liquid, my son used to pee A LOT at night for a while.


answers from New York on

My daughter is same then yours, I still use diapers for night because they are cheaper and any way we take them off in the morning.
Maybe if she was waking up at night to go potty I would change to pull ups to make it easier but sense she still sleep through the nigh any way, I rather go for the cheaper version.



answers from Houston on

We use the Pampers overnight pull ups too (they are called underjams). Both my sons use them (4 and 6) and they have never leaked!

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