Seeking Advice on Gluten, Citric Acid , Msg,and Sugar Free Recipes

Updated on February 14, 2008
T.L. asks from Elmwood, WI
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I just found out I am allergic to gluten,citric acid, MSG, refined sugar and aspertame. does anyone have any recipes or advice on how to eat this diet. Thanks for your help

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answers from Omaha on

There is this great website for those who have Celiac's disease. I found that they have recipes and even offer a cookbook.

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answers from St. Cloud on

WE have delt with special diets several times with our children. I learned to base our diet on rice, and corn to avoid wheat. Once we even had a birthday cake made out of rice crispie treats and topped in frosting.

MSG is mostly easily to avoid if you make meals yourself. Gluten requires a mind set change. Search for rice recipies and make sure you get a good rice cooker.

For sugar free I use apple juice concentrate in baked goods. It not only tastes good, and is affordable but counts as a fruit serving. And if you email me, I can send you lots of recipies for gluten free, sugar free recipies.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son-in-law has Celiac Disease, which is the inability to process gluten. They do all their cooking from scratch and thicken sauces or gravies with corn starch because it's gluten free. Other gluten free products: Bush's Baked Beans (except for the Mexican line); Old Wisconsin hot dogs & brats and there's a wonderful line of brownies, cookies and cakes by Namaste Foods (in the vanilla cake, evaporated cane juice is the sweetening ingredient). may be able to give you more information on the refined sugar issue. A lot of Dr. Oetker food items are gluten free but I don't know what they have for sugar free. Their e-mail is The local health food store or coop may be able to help.

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answers from Minneapolis on

first off, you want to shop at the co-op's! they have lots of books with lots of receipes. when you're shopping think fresh veggies. they have frozen breads,pasta & pizza crusts. basically nothing at the co-op's has msg in it- (all campbell's products do. you could also check out veggie-times mag's web-site. it seems hard at first, but there are so many alternatives! you'll also notice how much better you'll feel and that is pay off in itself! good luck!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

.For a natural sugar substitute I use agave nectar. It taste great and has a low glycemic index. I bought mine at Meijer (large grocery store in Michigan). But you can check it out at . For a meal replacement I use Juice Plus Complete. It is really good for you and is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and the sugars are all natural sweeteners such as fructose and stevia. You can check that out at . Hope this helps.

Single mother of 2 girls, 5 yrs and 16 months

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answers from Duluth on

There are some good cook books out there called the Gluten Free Gourmet. You can find these at most book stores, whole food stores & on line, try Amazon. They have some very good recipes and tips on how to cook with out gluten.

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answers from Iowa City on

Dear T.,
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig Ph. D. Is a wonderful cookbook. It is a musthave if you have food allergies. We could not live with out it. My DH has milk, gluten, and MSG allergies.
One thing that helps with MSG,
If you take B vit. before you eat any MSG.
You will not get sick.
Which is great when we eat out because you never know when they use it.
E-mail me if to want to know more.

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answers from Minneapolis on


I have just released my new cookbook called 8 Degrees of Ingredients. It is 100% GLuten-free, as well as free of all top 8 allergens (wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish). The great thing about the book is it will allow you to eat immediately as I have dedicated an entire chapter of recipes to the newly diagnosed, with convenient, familiar ingredients and NO Label reading.

In due time, you will settle back into a balanced life again, but in the meantime, you need to eat! You don't have 3 months to figure it all out as with other diagnoisis, as you need to eat a few times a day. I gave a copy to my kid's p-school teacher as her sister was recently diagnosed with Celiac, and she was crying and telling me i am her hero.

Check out my website at, or order it at,, or any bookstore can order it for you. The quickest route is Are you in the Twin Cities? It is currently being carried at Red Balloon Book Shop, and all of the Fresh & Natural store locations. By the way, I hope you are local as Fresh & Natural (locations in Shoreview, Bloomington, Plymouth, and Hudson, WI) is THE Gluten-Free store! Don't waste your time at Whole Foods, definitely hit Fresh & Natural first and you will be in heaven.

I hope that helps. MY book just came out and i am in the process of formally announcing it, although when i see someone in need, i have this impulse to jumo right in and help, as You Need To Eat my friend...Good Luck and may our paths cross again.

A little about me: Full-time mom (and cookbook author) with a daughter who was diagnosed at 1 with severe and multiple food allergies, and two sons (age 2 1/2 and 8 months.)

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answers from Bismarck on

T., i have celiac disease and so cannot ingest gluten but generally try to avoid all synthetic chemicals. After having issues when eating any kinds of grains I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but modified it a bit. You can google this diet. It is grain free, sugar free and is largely chemical free if you choose to follow it that way. I highly recommend the forum for help on special diets. Also, you can good SCD RECIPES to sift through those recipes, I'm sure you'll find alot of good stuff. You may find that gluten free recipes use alot of refined flours that are terrible on your blood sugar and your immune system--I would stick to cooking with whole foods and limiting even GF grains.

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