Seeking Advice on Diet Pill Adipex

Updated on May 02, 2008
A.M. asks from Vicksburg, MS
12 answers

I am considering trying the diet pill Adipex. I was just wondering how bad the side effects were and if anyone would recommend this pill. Thank so much!

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answers from Little Rock on

I took Adipex for three months once in the past and it really did work; the weight comes off because you really are not hungry much at all; HOWEVER, I became angry all the time and my husband and I almost got divorced. It is, in my opinion, speed, and has extremely nasty side effects. My heart would race all the time, and I just remember being so angry. I would highly advise against it. You can't stay on pills forever anyway. I am doing well on Weight Watchers, would much recommend that program. Best of luck!

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answers from Dothan on

I do not believe that any diet pill is the answer to long term weight loss. I have struggled with my weight on and off, but will not take a diet pill they are not healthy period. Changing habits, eating right and exercising are the healthy way to lose weight.

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answers from New Orleans on

Hey Angie I have tried these pills and they really do work. The only side effects I had was bad headaches the first two days I took them. And they will keep your mouth real dry. When you decide to stop please keep following that healthy eating or small portion you will take in after taking the pills, because you will pick all your weight back double. These pills is to help change your eating habits. If you have any more questions let me know.



answers from Dothan on

Don't do it. It can effect or create heart arrythemia. Also if you are an emotional person...your buttons are pushed a lot quicker.



answers from Shreveport on

I have used this before and go back to it when I slip. The side effects are not to bad, for me it seem to give me a lot of energy but did not make me fell jittery. Also, it effected my sleep if I took it to late in the day, I started out on a half a pill because at first a whole pill for me i could not sleep. it really curbs your appetite, you sometimes have to make yourself eat. There is also a generic of this cal Phentermine, which is ALOT cheaper! good luck



answers from Albuquerque on

I have been on and off Adipex for years. It does work for losing weight! I take just one a day and it suppresses my appetite so much I have to remind myself to eat. I've lost quite a bit of weight off these pills. Plus you get a burst of energy from them.

With that being said..Here are the many downsides. Since it's the pill making you not hungry and not your own self control you will gain weight back quickly when off of them. Like I said, "I've been on and off for years". The weight comes back quickly too! You may also experience dry mouth, constipation, restlessness and aching. As far as my experience goes after taking one in the morning I get a burst of energy followed by a crash in the afternoon.

It's true. A healthy diet and exercise would be your best option and probably make you feel better as well as keep the weight off but for a quick solution, Adipex would be the way to go. Good Luck!



answers from Jonesboro on

Angie, I am currently on phentermine (generic adipex) & it's working great. I have lost 8.5lb since April 1st. I have to work really hard to eat 1000 cal/day. This is not the same med as phen-phen that caused heart problems. Phen-phen was a combination of drugs and the harm was done when the drugs were combined. Phen-phen has been off the market for years. Another thing that has helped me is 11 of my friends & I have started a "biggest loser" contest. We are weighing in every friday for 3 months and paying $10/month to participate. If you gain any you have to pay $1/lb. At the end of the 3 months the 1st place loser gets 50% of the money and 2nd & 3rd place each get 25%. This a been great for accountablitity. Good luck!! AS



answers from Oklahoma City on

I did a google search - lots of stuff here:

Your best bet - if you want to keep the weight off - would be daily walking (at least 10,000 steps), 6-8 glasses of purified water daily and fresh (not in cans or frozen) fruits and veggies - stay away from sugar and carbonated drinks.

Hope this helps - good luck!



answers from Dothan on

I have to agree with Sophia about heart issues related to the use of adipex. I did use Adipex the firt of this year and havedropped a significant amount of weight on a program that also included a healthy diet and exercise. I a closely foolwed by a doctor and was only on it for 30 days the suggest short term use of adipex. This medication should never be taken without being under the direct care of a physician. Best of luck to you.



answers from Monroe on

I would strongly recommend not taking this drug. I know several people that took this and they said it was like legalized speed. They stayed up until all hours of the night and they did lose some weight but as soon as they stopped taking it, they gained 3 times the weight back....



answers from Little Rock on

It seems to remember that this is the same as phenterimine (phen-phen) and there were a lot of bad cardiac side effects several years ago. Didn't people on it have to have an echo, or were advised to, to see if they had any heart damage? That's pretty scary. I'm surprised they still allow it on the market.



answers from Lake Charles on

Angie - I have three small children, a stay-at-home mommmy & also have taken Adipex. For me, it didn't work. It suppressed my appetite for just a little while but when it wore off...I was hungry like a horse. I didn't have any side-effects from it.
What did work for me was, by presc. only, now otc...Alli.
It has great support information and I was happy with it.
Talk with your doctor...he may have another alternative for you if you don't want to try either one.
And you know what..sometimes us moms need a little push to help us lose that weight our pregnancies added. It's okay, we shouldn't feel bad about asking for this help.
I am 5'10" - 170 pounds and have learned to eat about 1200-1300 calories a is AMAZING what that will do. You can have as much salad as as you want..add some protein to it though and you will lose that weight. Again, keep track of what you eat..write it down. Those pounds will come falling off in NO time! :}

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