Seeking Advice on Clindesse Medication for Infection and Breastfeeding

Updated on August 05, 2007
A.B. asks from Salem, OR
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Okay so I was diagnosed with bactarial vaginosis, which is just a mild vaginal infection. I have been treated for the same infection in the past and have had different antiobiotics. This time they prescribed Clindesse. I am currently breast feeding. I have taken this medication before but not while I was nursing. I let my Doctor office know and they said I should be okay but to ask the pharmacist. Well to nicely put it the pharmacist was a complete jerk and referred me back to the Doctor! Are there any Mommy's out there who have taken this medication while nursing? Do you have any advice? Any advice is appreciated! I am going to call my doctor AGAIN today and try to get some better answers!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all the information! My Doctors office looked into the medication in more detail and did say it was safe for me to take. With that and all the great advice I took the Clindess and am feeling alot better! Again thank you all so much!

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Hi A.
I called my pharmacist to seek an answer for you and I have great news. Yes Clindesse is safe to take while breastfeeding. I use Fred Meyer RX and I have never had a problem calling them or Walgreens for any answer. Here is the trick for anyone that needs a quick response. Call the RX and just ask the question with no story,background info, or explaination. You don't even need to give your name, this is very nice when you have an embarassing question. Hope things clear up nicely for you A.. Sincerely,B.

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before you take any medication, check out sometimes they give you the old 'consult your doctor' but if you really shouldn't take it while bf'ing, it will tell you. my doctor prescribed me an antibiotic, only to have it filled and see the sticker on it 'do not use while breastfeeding' and i had to get a different prescription.



answers from Portland on is a great source to check on medications. I've never taken that particular medicine while nursing...don't you love getting the run around like that? Anyway, check kellymom, it's a great site!



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I had this while pregnant and my natropath was able to clear it up with diet and an all natural 2 time pill. I went to Dr. Orem adn she was great. Garlic was also recommended and help to speed up the process. I didn't take anything during my pregnancy, caffeine, alcohol, asprin, wtc. and this worked great. Good Luck!



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If it is mild...well go get monastat if that is how it is spelt well that works the best and some weman dont half to do it 4 three days some just half to do it once



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One of the best breastfeeding resource websites I have been able to find is They even have a great non-Rx and Rx guide while breastfeeding. Check it out, if not for now for future use!

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