Seeking Advice on a Tandem, Double Stroller

Updated on September 22, 2009
R.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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I have a Chicco KeyFit carseat and was hoping to get a double, tandem stroller that would fit the carseat. I am finding that there is only one stroller out there that the carseat will fit in tandem and that is the Joovy Caboose. With this is mind, I am considering a different tandem stroller as long as one of the seats lays flat so I may put the newborn there instead of using the carseat in the stroller. Do you have any suggestions, pros/cons that you would share with me? I am finding this to be a great decision. We use our stroller a lot now.

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answers from Miami on

I don't have any specific advise, but what I have learned when it comes to infant carseats and strollers, is that you just have to try and see which strollers the infant seats fit into and they do not necessarily have to be the same brand. for example, six yrs ago I learned that a graco snugride infant seat fits into the peg perego stroller- I had to recline the seat and it fit in. this is just an I would bring the Chicco keyfit w/ you and try and see which strollers it might fit into with a little finesse.

another option is to pay a bit of money and get your answer. my friend did this and was happy she did! go on the left and click 'Consultation'
it's $35 dollars which does sound like a lot of money, but it might just be worth it (for instance if you don't have the time to go to the store and figure it out yourself)
good luck!

oh! I see you're in Orlando!
try babywearing!
a sling/carrier for the wee one and the stroller for the other
North Orlando:



answers from Orlando on

We just had a baby girl and my son was 18 months old, so I was just faced with this same decision. I also have the Chicco KeyFit carseat. After some hardcore research I opted with Gracco Quattro Tour Duo. It fits into the trunk of my Honda Accord with no problem and is easy to fold down. My son loves it and the Chicco car seat sets in. It doesn't lock in, but it is snug enough that nothing is going to happen to the baby. I think all double strollers resemble aircraft carriers, but this one was the easiest to steer and most comfortable. Good luck with your little ones.



answers from Tampa on

Kolcraft Contours double stroller is awesome! We bought the single (as we only have one LO) but tried out the double in the husband liked it so much he wanted to buy it anyways LOL.

The seats are able to be turned in either direction or even facing away/towards eachother.
We have a few friends that own the double as well and they love them!
I cannot tell you how much I love ours and its just a mini version!
The ONLY down side of the double is that to fold it up entirely you must remove one of the seats ordinarily this is a major pain the in the butt with most strollers but Kolcraft has made it SUPER easy - check them out a babies r us :)
We have the same infant carrier that you will and it DOES fit this stroller.
Oh and it doesnt hurt that they are very easy on the wallet!



answers from Miami on

I also have the Chicco Keyfit30 carseat and have been looking at double strollers too. I bought the Kolcraft Contours Tandem but never took it out of the box because it is so large and cumbersome. I ended up taking that one back and got the Jeep Traveler Tandem also made by Kolcraft. It's a lot shorter and therefore easier to control and the Keyfit does fit in the back seat of the stroller. It also folds up really easily and my little one (14 months) loved riding in the front because it has a steering wheel and such to play with but was also comfortable in the carrier in the back.



answers from Tampa on

have you looked at the phil and ted inline stroller? they're pretty expensive, but they can carry a baby and a toddler or two toddlers. they also sell a variety of attachments so that you can use your carseat if you want.



answers from Gainesville on

We do not have a double stroller because we make our 2.5 year old walk most of the time. If she rides in the stroller we put our 4 month old in the Snugli. This is just to tell you my advice is second-hand.
It depends on your budget. My friends who have a Phil and Ted's love it. That will be about $300. You can jog with it and it has about the smallest footprint of a double stroller that I've seen. You can get a Bugaboo double for nearly $1,000, or a Chariot for about $600. The Chariots are super nice and you can convert them to bike trailers, ski sleds, hiking, running, walking, whatever. For the budget option I saw a Kolcraft double, which is a Bugaboo knockoff, for about $200. I talked to a lady in a parking lot with one and she loved hers. It's kind of a pain since you have to take the seats out to put it in the trunk, but once you do that it isn't that big. You can fit the car seats in it or use the seat it comes with. These really disassemble very easily.
You can go to and find the most highly rated one.



answers from Lafayette on

I have a double stroller that I never used with my kids who are 19 months apart - it was just too heavy and cumbersome. I wore my little one in a sling and pushed my big one in a single stroller. Now that they're 4 and 2.5, we take the single stroller and they take turns riding when they get tired.

A double stroller, for me, was one of those things that looked "essential" for parents of closely spaced kids, but wasn't.

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